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DecoArt Paint Colors, a blog featuring the variety of DecoArt Paints and the many ways they can be used to create gorgeous artwork. We offer free project ideas and tips for using our products.

DecoArt offers a wide variety of products that can be used to create beautiful works of art. DecoArt paints, mediums and varnishes are specifically developed with the artist in mind. DecoArt has a paint color for every surface – walls, furniture, ceramics, glass and metal. DecoArt carries a complete line of craft supplies including stamps, stencils, paper crafting supplies, embellishments and more.

Trying to find the right color paint to match your project can be a frustrating experience. Whether you are looking for paint color inspiration or trying to match an existing color scheme in your home, DecoArt is dedicated to helping you find the perfect solution for your project.

Today’s blog post is all about color! We have lots of information on our blog about the many different DecoArt paint colors available to help you choose the right one for your project. We’ve also got some great tips for mixing various colors together in order to achieve that perfect hue!

DecoArt offers a wide range of paints, mediums and varnishes which can be used on almost any surface. Whether you need paints to decorate fabric or walls, our paint blog will help you find the perfect product. We even have some

DecoArt offers over 50 different paint colors, many of which are suited to both indoor and outdoor use. Their selection ranges from pastels, to bright and even metallic hues. These paints can be used on virtually any non-porous surface such as glass, ceramics, wood, metal, brick and plaster.

Testers have reported success with painting kitchen appliances and bathroom vanities using the Metallic paints. The metallic paints also create a unique look when applied over other colors of paint. The acrylic-based formulation allows for easy blending of colors if desired.

DecoArt Paint is available in a variety of package sizes including sets of three, six or twelve colors as well as sample packs that include five colors per pack. DecoArt Paint is available at craft stores nationwide or online at*

I’ve recently discovered Deco Art. I’ve been using their paints with silk and wool fibers to create art quilts. They offer wonderful color blends and quality products. Decoart offers more than 100 acrylic paint colors, including metallics, neon, pearlescent, and fabric-specific shades, as well as decorative glazes, glitter, stenciling pigments and more.

{“I am a long time fan of Deco Art paints. I used them for my first silk painting project back in the early 1990’s.  I have been creating art with these paints ever since that first session.”}

{“DecoArt has a complete line of acrylic paints for all your creative needs. From Fabric Paints to Stenciling Colours to Glitters and even Home Painting Supplies such as brushes and paint rollers. With so many different colours you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for no matter what your project is.”}

{“DecoArt offers customers a quality product at an affordable price. This has helped to make DecoArt one of the most sought after brand names in the craft industry today.”}

[“DecoArt offers more than 100 acrylic paint colors, including metallics, neon, pearles

DecoArt Paint has been in business since 1929. They make high quality paints and other art supplies. These paints come in a wide variety of colors that are perfect for various decorative art projects. DecoArt offers everything you will need to complete any arts and crafts project you have in mind.


Hey everyone! I’m Emily from DecoArt. I’d love to share some of my favorite things with you today.

DecoArt has a very fun and creative team of in-house artists, as well as many talented independent artists who create beautiful projects with our products. We are so inspired by all the amazing work being created with DecoArt paints, mediums, sprays and decorative finishes.

If you love the look of decoupage, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create your own art projects using DecoArt products. Visit our blog for inspiration and instructions on how to use DecoArt products to decorate your home or give a unique gift that will last forever.**

** **

Name:Which is faster—a cheetah or a human runner?

We are a group of artists with a strong passion for art. We use DecoArt products in our various art projects and love the quality of these products. We also love to share our enthusiasm with other people by posting interesting articles, tutorials and videos on DecoArt’s blog site.

We encourage you to browse around our blog and explore the wonderful world of DecoArt.**

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