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Classy Party is a blog to inspire you to throw classy party in style. I will be sharing with you ideas and tips on how to make your parties stunningly beautiful, elegant and classy!

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Have you ever been to a party where the food was so delicious and the desserts so lovely that you took pictures of them? Or do you remember going to a party when you were a child and everyone had a great time but none of your memories are stored in your mind because they’re just not that important? Nowadays, having a successful party is as important as the party itself and this is why we created our blog.

Trying to make your event classy can be a big challenge but if you follow our tips on how to make it classy, your guests will definitely thank you for it.

We don’t just help people make their parties classy, we also offer cooking ideas and tips on how to make yourself look good at any age. Our site covers everything from planning the guest list, to table manners and even wedding advice.

Our tips are very professional so we don’t advise following them unless you are sure you can pull it off. But if you have some really important event coming up and want it to be classy beyond all standards, then check out our blog, follow our advice and watch it become the talk of town!

In this blog you will find articles about party planning, wedding venues, invitations and much more. If you are looking for a creative and classy entertainment for your friends or family members then we have got something for you.

The blog is about making your party as classy as possible and the art of serving your guests not only with food but also with drinks, music and decorations.

We will write about everything that has to do with parties and let our readers know the best places in town to have a great time. This way our readers will have no problem finding the venue of their dreams.

Hire us to plan an exclusive event tailored to your vision of it. Therefore make sure that you check out our website often. You can find new content every week available for free.*/

I have been in party business for more than ten years. I am not only a party host but also a photographer, who has been taking photos of parties. I have seen many different styles of parties and I know what people like and what they don’t. My blog is about how to make your party classy, fun and memorable.

I love to hear from my readers and your suggestions are always welcome! Hope you enjoy my blog and find it useful!

Would you like to throw a classy party? I will share my ideas and experiences and how to make your party stand out from the rest.

I have been throwing parties for years. I have thrown many parties and all of them have been memorable in one way or another. The most memorable ones were classy and unique. One of my favorite was for my best friend’s birthday party. She is one of those people who has everything. In fact, she has more than enough because she has several copies of every item she likes.

It was her 30th birthday and I wanted to do something really special for her, so I contacted a party planner. She helped me plan the whole event from beginning to end. She did all the shopping for me, including renting out equipment that we needed, like the tables and chairs. All I had to do was show up with enough food and drinks for the guests that were invited, select the decorations that would be used, and make sure there was music playing in the background during the entire party.

I had already decided what kind of theme I wanted her party to have; glamour! It would be a black tie affair but not your ordinary black tie affair. It would be a little different; classier if you will. So

Hand art is a very familiar work. You can find it in every picture, paintings, photographs and every other arts of this world. It is known to be an ancient form of art that was used in the past to draw or paint something on walls, doors, floors and rocks. The main purpose of this art is to attract people’s attention and let them know that the house where the hand art was placed is the house of a wealthy person.

What are the most common uses of hand art?

You can make use of hand art for your wedding invitations. This will surely make an impression to your visitors and all your friends who will come on that special day. Hand art drawings are also used in giving an invitation to your guests, where they are required to prepare for that special day. Even if you are not planning for a wedding, you can still make use of hand arts for decorating your house. This way you can let people know that you have great taste in arts and you are also creative enough to draw any design or picture on various surfaces.*

“My name is Gaurav and I am an artist”

I am a professional painter, graphic designer from India. I have a deep passion for art and always keen to learn more about different arts.

So I decided to create this blog which is all about arts, paintings, drawings, freehand sketching and how i make my artworks.

Here you will find step by step process of my artworks, tutorials , some tips and tricks about arts.

Hope you will enjoy the blog and check back often for more updates.”**

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