Chinese Artist, Zhang Chun-Gu is Making a splash with His Sculptures of Hybrid Animals

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Zhang Chun-Gu’s sculptures are often a mixture of both human and animal features. His most acclaimed works are the “Hybrid Animals” series which depict chimeras he has created by combining different animals, such as a horse and a tiger.

Tiger head, horse body and fish tail.

The artist takes a scientific approach to his art, researching the anatomical differences between each animal and then mixing it together in a way that makes the viewer feel both uncomfortable and intrigued.

Zhang Chun-Gu said: “My art is aimed at people who like to think about the fantasy world. I want to bring out the child in adults through my work.”

Lion head, rooster body, snake tail.

In his paintings, Zhang Chun-Gu focuses on using only black ink on white paper. He describes his style as Impressionistic – he paints like an impressionist musician plays music. By doing so he aims to capture the fluidity of the ink on paper with swift brushstrokes creating a sense of movement in his artworks.” (

Zhang Chun Gu, a Chinese artist from Guangdong Province, has made his name by his works that are made out of different animal parts. He has created hybrid creatures and named them after the animal parts they’re made of.

The artist says he was inspired to create these sculptures when he saw a stray puppy with an injured leg on the road. He rescued it and had it treated and later adopted the dog.

The artists says he uses any materials that come to hand, including rawhide, boiled leather, sheepskin and even human hair gel. Some of his works depict hybrid animals while others show creatures that are half human. These sculptures are so realistic that they seem ripped right out of a fairy tale or science fiction movie. His creations can be viewed as perfect examples of both art and science.”

Zhang Chun-Gu is a Chinese artist who sculpts hybrid animals by combining the features of various species. He carefully arranges the features together so that they fit into a single sculpture believably. For example, a horse’s ears, wings, and face might be combined with a tiger’s body and tail to form a flying horse. This is not Photoshopped; it is all sculpted. He has an amazing imagination and does excellent work.

When asked about his artistic influences and inspirations, Chun Gu replied that he was inspired by nature.

“The hybrid animals I create are inspired by the pig and the shark,” he said. “I don’t want to give them names but people have called them ‘shark pigs.'”

“The animals I am most interested in are those that don’t exist in reality,” he said. “These are the most beautiful ones.”

Chun Gu is also interested in how people react to his art. “I like it when they feel excited by my pieces,” he said. “I want to make people happy through my art.”

Before being a full-time artist, Chun Gu worked as a project manager for a company that created 3D models of buildings. He says he likes to use this knowledge to help him create his sculptures. Many of his works are so realistic that they can be mistaken for photographs of real animals.

We often see art as an expression of feelings, so it is interesting to hear how Zhang Chun-Gu intereprets the new trend in his own way.

Zhang Chun-Gu never went to art school, but he did get a degree in journalism from Fudan University. He has always been interested in art, though, and for him it is about understanding the world and expressing himself.

What is your goal as an artist?

I want to tell a story through my sculptures. I want to let people imagine the story behind my sculpture by creating the atmosphere with my art. The viewers will use their imagination to complete the story and create more stories.

Zhang’s sculptures are hybrid creations, a mix of Western and Eastern art. Working with the skeletal structure of animals, Zhang has created a series of hybrid creatures that look like they could be characters in a Tim Burton movie.

Tiger meets panda, zebra meets giraffe, rhino meets elephant and so on. Zhang said his inspiration came from his travels to Europe and America over the last decade where he has absorbed a lot of Western culture. The artist hopes his work will help bridge the gap between East and West.

I saw this on the internet and thought it was awesome.

This guy is amazing. He takes two animals, or in some cases, a human and an animal and makes hybrid animals by “cutting and pasting” them together.

He has a blog where he gives full details of each creature.

If you have time take a look at his stuff.

Below are some images of his work:

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