Why Get Skywritten? The Magic of Skywriting

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Skywritten images are often used for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. However, the sky can be used to advertise a product or service in a fun and memorable way. Skywriting is the most original way to get the attention of your target market.

Tailored messages can be created to attract customers in a certain area or market. For example, a local business could create a message that reads “20% OFF TODAY ONLY” in order to attract customers who are passing by or live in the area.

There is no limit on the length of the messages created with skywriting, so you can create an elaborate message that spans wide areas of land and capture the attention of several different people at once. This makes it possible to draw large crowds for events such as concerts and parades.

Skywritten images can also be used for product launches and advertising campaigns. If you have created a new product or service, getting it out into public view with a creative image is a sure-fire way to gain more customers.

Image can also be created that simply say “OPEN.” This allows businesses to easily let people know when they are open without having to put up neon signs or other types of advertisements.**

The Skywriting phenomenon is one of the most effective and memorable ways to promote your business, product or service. It provides a huge impact that can’t be ignored.

Skywriting has been used for years by many companies in various industries such as food, entertainment, airlines, and cars. Skywriting is a proven method of advertising that has been around since the 1920s.

The message you write in the sky with smoke will be seen by all who are nearby, or thousands of miles away who see it on TV or in news papers. With so many people looking up at the sky, your advertisement gets maximum exposure and people will take notice.

Tailor whatever message you choose to promote your business or service to make it as catchy and interesting as possible. You may find that there are special days where people are more likely to look at the sky such as Independence Day for example. Not only does skywriting provide businesses with an effective form of advertising but it also provides a magical experience for the viewer which creates a more positive image for the company being advertised.

One of the most popular uses of skywriting is for public events such as concerts and festivals where everyone is looking up and seeing your logo in the sky can create an amazing experience.* 


It is a great way to make your message memorable. Skywriting is the perfect medium for a short but powerful message. It has the ability to capture people’s attention and make them think about what you are trying to say.

Tailoring your message to your target audience is the best way to ensure that the skywritten message will get through and achieve its purpose. Most companies use skywriting to promote their brand or product. The best thing about advertising this way is that it does not interrupt your customers’ day, yet it makes sure they see your message.

Like any other outdoor advertising, skywriting has a limit as to how far away people can see it. Usually, the maximum range skywriting has is five miles. If it is too far away, they will miss out on your message. This means you have to think carefully about where you want the plane to fly before you decide on a location for your marketing campaign. Skywriting can be used in large cities or in rural areas, depending on where you want your target audience to be.*

We offer skywriting, skytyping and skydrawing services to deliver your brand name or message in a beautiful way. Skywriting is a visual spectacle that can be seen from miles away. It is a form of personal promotion and publicity that’s been used by celebrities, companies, sports teams and many others.*

How does it work? We use smoke-free engines to write messages up to 3,000 feet (1 kilometer) high in the sky. The message lasts for no more than 10 minutes, but can be seen from as far as 20 miles (32 kilometers) away.*

The messages are written at designated altitudes and are visible for an average of 5 miles (8 kilometers).* We also provide aerial photography that captures your image in the clouds. The images can be used on posters, magazines, apparel, greeting cards and more.**

Skywriting is great for announcing a special event or promoting your business on a grand scale. It’s also popular among political candidates who want to make an unforgettable impression on voters.

Skywriting is a form of aerial advertising and is most often used by businesses to get the word out about a new product or service, by political groups to make an announcement, or by individuals as either a unique expression of their feelings or in celebration of a special event. There have been very few instances where skywriting has been used for personal entertainment.

The sky is a huge space and it is, therefore, the ideal canvas for outdoor advertising. But not all sky ads are created equal. The most valuable form of sky advertising is with skywriting. It does not actually cost much to hire a skywriter but it certainly makes your message memorable.

T he technique of skywriting was developed in the 1920s by an aerialist named Vincent P. Coleman, who organized stunt fliers into a team and invented what he called “airwriting.” Airwriting was originally used mainly for making sales pitches; it came into its own as an effective form of advertising during World War II when the U.S. Army Air Corps used it to write messages in the skies to rally troops and boost their morale. In the 1950s, advertisers began using their own planes to create colorful patterns in the skies using smoke instead of just writing words and slogans. Skywriting became popular again when advertisers discovered that the letters they wrote in the air could be seen from 10 miles away or more!

T he use of smoke as a medium for skywriting required special equipment, including tanks of oil heated by propane burners and valves that regulated flow and pressure. In 1990, computer-controlled technology was invented that enabled ordinary airplanes to create images

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