Boba Fett Concept Art

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My first post: Boba Fett concept art by Joe Johnston.

Note: For all you Star Wars fans out there, this is pretty cool. A blog dedicated to all things Boba Fett. I just signed up to the blog and it looks really good so far. Definitely worth checking out if you love Star Wars, especially the character Boba Fett.

Concept Art of Boba Fett:

Concept Art World is a blog about the art world, with a focus on concept art. In addition to posting news and events, we also create our own concept art and illustrations, which you can view here!

Our main site is located at

I’m a big fan of the Star Wars original trilogy, and more recently I’ve been a fan of Boba Fett. Now that I have the chance to work on his iconic character in an official capacity it’s kind of a dream come true.

We are going to be showing you many of the steps involved in creating an official piece of concept art for one of the most popular characters in movie history. So without any further ado, let me introduce you to the talented people who will be working with me on this very exciting project.

As you can see by their names, we have two main artists, Camille Kuo and Brian Rood, and two concept sculptors, Greg Knight and Onnuri Jay. We also have a writer in-house who will be helping with all aspects of this project, so please feel free to direct any inquiries or questions you may have to him as well.

We hope you enjoy our blog and we hope it gives you a little insight into what goes into making something like this.

As far as posting goes, there will be no set schedule for posts so don’t expect anything too regular from us at first. But do expect something eventually because we’re really excited about this and we really want to get started!

It may seem strange that the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy is also one of the least frequently-seen characters in Star Wars films. He’s earned a reputation as a bit of a mystery, and we’d like to take a moment to explore the origins of Boba Fett, from concept art to film.

Tales of the Bounty Hunters was an early idea for what would become a sub-series of Star Wars novels. Released between 1999 and 2001, these novels were set between Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and featured Jango Fett as well as other bounty hunters.

Tales of the Bounty Hunters was never published, but much of its content found its way into The Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy by K.W. Jeter, released between 1999 and 2001. The original cover art by Ralph McQuarrie found its way onto the covers of those novels, including this concept art of Boba Fett, which was drawn around the same time as McQuarrie’s original trilogy designs.

This particular piece gives us our first glimpse at Boba Fett’s helmet design and weapons, both of which were refined for his eventual appearance in The Empire Strikes Back.”

If you’re interested in Boba Fett, you’ve come to the right place. This blog is dedicated to the bounty hunter who was originally designed as a one-off character but has since become an icon of pop culture.

I don’t think we’ll ever get an entire Boba Fett movie but I do think the character has enough fans to warrant some kind of adaptation. The best way forward would be an animated series set in the same universe as Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Boba Fett is a character that transcends any one medium and can work in many different types of stories. If a Boba Fett movie ever happens it will probably be part of a Star Wars trilogy that takes place before A New Hope but after the events of The Clone Wars. This series could work within that context or could go off on its own and tell new stories about Boba Fett’s early years and his relationship with Jango before he became Mandalore.

Also, there’s also this GameCube game that ties in with the Bounty Hunter story arc from Attack Of The Clones which could be included as well. It would be great to see all this stuff finally come together into one cohesive narrative about Boba Fett’s history and background. I

Boba Fett was the most fearsome bounty hunter in the galaxy. He was feared by every criminal from Coruscant to Tatooine and everywhere in between. For a price, he would hunt down and capture his quarry with ruthless efficiency. As part of his armor Boba wore a full helmet that featured a range finder and other special equipment (specifically a flamethrower).

The armor is based on samurai armor and Mongolian armor of 13th century Japan. His gauntlets are made of Mandalorian iron, which is stronger than steel. His boots have jets on them, allowing him to travel quickly and quietly in different terrains. His cape serves two purposes: firstly it conceals his identity and secondly it helps him keep track of his prey. The cape has tiny bells attached to it so if Boba gets lost he can hear where he is going.

The helmet features 2 antennas on each side for receiving or sending out radio waves for communicating with other bounty hunters. The range finder is located on the left side so that if someone is attacking from behind Boba can see them coming. The range finder also features infrared sensors which allow him to see heat sources, making him even more effective at tracking down wanted criminals.

The big

The Mandalorian armor worn by Boba Fett in Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi is the most iconic costume in cinema history. It’s instantly recognizable, even to those who haven’t seen the movies.

This site is devoted to all things Mandalorian, including the legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett, Jango Fett, and all their appearances in the Star Wars universe. Take a look around, and please feel free to comment on anything you see here.

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