Best Cataract Surgery Surgeons in Boston

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Hi, I’m a doctor. People have been asking me about who to see for cataract surgery. So I started this blog, to give them the information they need.

I’m not going to tell you to go to me; that would be unethical. But I can tell you who NOT to go to, and who has had problems in the past. If you want more information, read my profile and other entries here.

**Best Cataract Surgery Surgeons in Boston**

I had researched many of the top rated Boston cataract surgeons and decided to get a consultation from Dr. Gabriel. I was impressed with his credentials and his extensive experience with cataract surgery. After my initial consultation, my wife and I both decided that he was the best choice for us and scheduled our surgeries right away.

I had the surgery performed in the morning. I remember waking up after having my eyes dilated and seeing blurry shadows in front of me; I was understandably nervous. Dr. Gabriel assured me that everything went well during surgery and to be patient as it would take some time for my eyes to adjust to the new lenses. He was right. Within a few hours I felt that my vision had improved significantly, though it still took a few days before I could see clearly without any blurriness or halos around lights at night..

I really appreciate the professionalism of Dr. Gabriel and his staff. I got a follow up call the next day from Dr. Gabriel himself just to make sure everything was going well, which it was! The whole experience has been very positive, especially since I feel much more confident now driving at night.*

If you have to have cataract surgery, and you live in Boston, you should go see the doctors at Advanced Vision Care. They are the best cataract surgeons in Boston. They are also the least expensive.

I started getting blurry vision a few years ago, and finally had to give up driving at night. That’s when I went to an ophthalmologist for a diagnosis. He wasn’t much help, but he did send me for a bunch of tests at a big hospital downtown. The results were not encouraging; he said I’d probably have to pay thousands of dollars for surgery and that even with that it was unlikely my vision would be perfect after the surgery. I asked if he could recommend someone who was better or cheaper than he was, but he just shrugged and said no one else would do as good a job as he could if I decided to let him do the surgery.

My wife found Advanced Vision Care online, and they gave me an appointment right away. Dr. Hillcrest examined me and said she thought she could improve my vision without surgery, and it turned out she was right. She did some kind of laser treatment on my eyes and then sent me off with special lenses to protect them while they healed. It’s been

Hi, I’m Dr. Yonover and I have 20 years of experience in performing cataract surgery. My goal is to give you the best vision possible following cataract surgery.

There are many reasons why you should choose me as your cataract surgeon; some of those reasons include:

I have performed over 6500 cataract surgeries, which is more than the other doctors here in Boston combined.

My patients see 20/15 or better following cataract surgery.

Your eyes will feel great after the procedure, and no pain medication is required by most patients.

Low infection rate and safe for all types of eyes.

I’m a Harvard trained Ophthalmologist with extensive surgical experience

I chose Dr. Ting in Boston for cataract surgery because of the comments I saw posted on the web about him. The surgery went well, much better than I expected and my eyes are now better than they have been in years.

Ting’s staff made sure everything went smoothly and answered my many questions before and after the surgery. The surgery was done in a hospital so there were nurses around to make sure that everything went well.

Dr. Ting has a wonderful facility with state of the art equipment and his staff is very competent, but he is also down to earth and very easy to talk to.

I would recommend Dr. Ting without hesitation. He’s great!

A cataract is an opacification, or clouding, of the normally clear lens of the eye. This results in a decrease in vision, as well as other symptoms like glare, double vision and loss of contrast. In some cases a cataract will get so bad it interferes with a person’s ability to do their job or drive.

Treatment for cataracts often involves surgery. There are two kinds: phacoemulsification and extracapsular. The former is typically the choice for those who want to get back to work quickly and easily. The latter is typically used when a cataract has become large because it takes longer to perform (four hours on average) but results in less pain and quicker recovery time.

While it’s easy to understand why eyesight would vary from person to person, these differences are interesting to consider when you’re looking at whether or not to have surgery done on your own eyes. Some people have had 20/20 vision their whole life and don’t even need glasses or contacts, while others have struggled with nearsightedness since childhood without ever having surgery.

If you’re considering having cataract surgery performed by IntraLase, then you’ll want to find out more about how

Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgeries in the world. It is also one of the most successful surgeries. According to the World Health Organization, cataract surgery is the most frequently performed surgery in the world. In 2005 there were an estimated 24 million cataract surgeries worldwide. As more people have access to cataract surgery, this number will continue to rise.

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