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The standard art photography is a rather boring and uninspiring piece of work. The person who wants an artistic portrait wants just that – to be able to look at his/her portrait and say “wow that’s really beautiful! I can’t believe it’s me!”

You’ve seen this style of photography all over the place, from wedding photography to corporate headshots and everything in between. It’s what we call splash art.

Splash art is a photo that has some aspect of it that makes it stand out, either by its color, or by how the person looks in it, or even by how the photo was taken. Splash photography is my own term for any photo that has something in it that jumps out at you. It could be the color of the subject, or their eyes, or any other object within the shot.

Now when you want to get a portrait done it’s important to find someone who can do this. If you are just looking for someone who can make your photo look as much like everyone else’s as possible then you’re probably not going to have a good time with your shoot. But if you want your portrait to look like no one else’s ever will then splash art is what you’re looking for!

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Welcome to Splash Art! Splash Art is the place for photographers and artists to learn more about splash art and how it can help them grow their business. Splash art is a new way to get your images up on the web that can really save you time and money.

Splash art will not only save you money but also time, which is such an important factor when running a business. It is also a very effective way of getting your work seen by people around the world. Splash Art has been proven to be a great asset for any photographer or artist looking to promote their work.

Trying to select the right photographs for your portfolio? Splash Art makes it easy for you to choose from hundreds of photographs in all different styles. This site offers a different approach than other websites because you are able to browse through specific categories and search through a large database of photographs until you find what you want.

Splash Art aims to provide high quality photography at affordable prices, all while making sure quality is never compromised. After all, photographers work hard enough as it is without having to pay overpriced fees just because they want their work seen by more people!

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and thought: Wow! I look great in that picture?

If that’s not the reaction you get from your current profile picture, then it might be time for a professional portrait. Splash art, as it’s called by photographers, is a great way to give your business or personal brand a new image. You’ll be perceived as more credible, and you’ll definitely be more memorable!

A portrait can express energy, confidence, authority, creativity and intelligence. It can also express friendliness, warmth, playfulness and romance. By choosing an appropriate setting and background, you can create a wide range of different impressions.

To choose the right expression for your portrait, think about your goals. Are you trying to impress clients? If so, what kind of impression do you want to make? Do they need to see your youthfulness or experience? Your sense of fun or your depth of knowledge? Your competence or your creativity? Your intelligence or your empathy? Your enthusiasm or your confidence?

I have been asked a few times now to do artist portfolios or splash art. I’m not sure if that’s what it is called but it’s when you want your artist portfolio or website to stand out. So I decided that I would make an entire blog devoted to just that subject and show some of the work I did as well as others. So if you are interested in hiring me for splash art or need help with your artist portfolio then contact me and we can talk about what’s best for you and your project

If you’re an artist, it’s not easy to get people to notice your work. (no idea how to make a link here, hmm)

There are many ways to promote yourself online, but one of the best is to have some nice splash art on your website. Splash art is a graphic or image that appears right when someone visits your website. It’s meant to be memorable and attract attention. Splash art helps you stand out from the crowd because most artists don’t use it.

TIP: Include Your Portfolio in Your Splash Art

Your portfolio is an important part of your business. Because everyone who visits your website may not realize you also do commissions, including a link to a portfolio page or tab on your splash art is a good way to draw attention to it.

Splash art is becoming a trend that is being adopted by many businesses in the entertainment industry. Splash art is a term used to describe the first impression someone gets when they view your work. The first thing people see, as well as the first thing potential clients look at when deciding if they want to hire you, is your splash art. It can be an image of you or a photograph of your family, business logo, or something that represents who you are.

Splash art has become a popular trend for businesses and individuals because it not only provides a great introduction to your services, but it also gives viewers an idea of what your personality is like. You may ask yourself…but why do I need splash art? Splash art has been used to create some very famous logos; companies such as Apple Computers have used their splash art to create their famous logo that everyone knows today. There are many advantages of having splash art:

– It will increase your exposure

– It can help build up your brand recognition

– It allows others to see who you are and where you come from

– It can help build trust with your clients

– You can use it on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and more

– It is an advantage over

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