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Art Decor is a blog about the art decor and fashion industry. We cover all things related to art, interior, modern and contemporary design and architecture. From art galleries to museums, from exhibitions to auctions, from artists to collectors, this is the place to find anything that you need!

We are a group of experts in art market and interior design with passion for the contemporary art world. We provide all the important news, review and trends in the industry. The blog was created by a group of interior design experts that want to share their knowledge with you, but also give you exposure to all our readership network.

Trying to help people make informed decisions about selling or buying artwork as well as help them understand how the art market works and how it can be beneficial for them. Also trying to get people involved in the art world by sharing some interesting events that are going on around us in NYC and other big cities.

Art Decor is a blog about the art decor and fashion industry. It contains a list of news, articles and galleries. The blog also provides information about new products, great deals and other topics related to the design sector.

Art Decor is updated regularly, with both new content and fresh perspectives on art decor. The blog’s writers are experts in their field and they have plenty of experience when it comes to writing useful articles for readers.

Art Decor covers a number of categories within art decor industry, including Art Decor News, Interior Design Tips & Advice, Home Furnishing Trends, Lighting & Ceiling Fans, Flooring Ideas and more.

Art Decor provides an online platform for designers, architects, entrepreneurs and people interested in art decor topics to communicate their ideas to the world.

Art Decor is a blog about the art decor and fashion industry. We aim to provide the latest information about trends in the art decor industry, as well as news on sales, discounts, events and other promotions.

Other topics of interest include art history and art appreciation from many different cultures, including Asian art, African art and European art. We also cover popular artists and their work with a special focus on creativity and inspiration.

Art Decor offers a wide range of products for sale, including canvas prints, metal prints, framed art prints, fine art prints and more. We sell fine arts pieces by famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. Our metal wall sculptures are hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen. Browse our website to find exciting new styles in modern home decorating.

We offer free shipping worldwide on all orders over $99.*

Art Decor is a blog about the art decor and fashion industry. The site offers information about artists, designers, brands and companies in this field. It also provides news, photos and videos. Art Decor also has a shop where you can find various products from different categories like home accessories, lighting, furniture, clothes and even cars.

The content of the blog is divided into categories:  Articles  – articles written by Art Decor staff;  News  – news from this industry;  Shop  – shop page;  Galleries  – photo galleries.

Art Decor tries to provide information that will be interesting for both experienced readers of this area as well as people who are just interested in it.

Art Decor is updated on regular basis with new posts and images. The blog accepts guest posts. All interested parties should contact the blog manager by email (see the About section) or on Twitter .

Art Decor is an online magazine that focuses on art, decor and fashion. The website features articles, videos and news related to art and design. In addition to this, you can also find galleries full of beautiful paintings or sculptures. You can use these images as a source of inspiration for your next project.

Art Decor is a great resource for artists, designers and creative people in general. It offers exclusive interviews with celebrities and art experts. This way, you can learn about what’s trending in the art industry.

Art Decor also provides resources for both professional artists and beginners. Here you can find helpful tips that will help you improve your techniques, so you can create unique pieces of art.

Art Decor covers a wide range of topics, from interior design to sculpture. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next project, you’ll love Art Decor!

The art decor and fashion industry is growing every year, which means there are increasing opportunities for art decor professionals.

If you want to work in the art decor industry, you need a good education. Many people start by earning an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree. But even after you have earned your diploma, you still need on-the-job training to become a professional.

If you are considering becoming an art decor designer, you will need to study various subjects such as:

Art history

Business management

Drawing techniques


Marketing & advertising

Visual communication

You can choose from two different types of design schools: public and private. Private design schools are more expensive than public ones because they cater only to students who already have a passion for art decor and fashion design. Public schools allow anyone who is interested in becoming an art decor designer to enroll. They charge less tuition but still offer excellent education and plenty of job opportunities.

The term “art deco” was coined in 1925 by the French art critic Louis D. de Fourcaud. Art Deco, a highly stylized form of modernism, originally expressed nostalgia for the machine age. It reflected the ambivalence many artists and thinkers felt as they saw their traditional culture crumbling before the onslaught of modernity. The style was progressive and futuristic at the same time that it expressed a yearning for past grandeur.

Art Deco began in France and flourished in Europe and America between 1920 and 1940. It first appeared as a feature of architecture, but soon spread to interior design, furniture, jewelry, graphics, and fashion.

Art Deco artists were intrigued by the mass-produced products of industry and technology, but they were also disturbed by the dehumanizing aspects of these new materials and devices. They sought to reconcile the conflicting trends by creating objects that were streamlined and mechanistic yet organic, technical yet sensual.*

The shapes found in Art Deco are often described as being inspired by nature: shells or waves or flower petals.*

But there is another side to this movement’s fascination with natural forms:*many of its most imaginative forms seem to have been directly inspired by machines.*The nose of a locomotive

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