Ancient Art of Cooking An Egyptian Cookbook from the 3rd millennium BC

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The Ancient Egyptian Cookbook from the 3rd millennium BC is a book which explains how to cook food that was eaten in ancient egypt.

The Ancient Egyptian dynasty lasted for more than 3000 years, and changed significantly during the period. In this time period, food, cooking and eating habits also changed significantly. Some changes were political, some social and some were religious.

All these changes are discussed in this ebook.

Ancient Egyptian food was an important part of everyday life for both rich and poor. This book will give you knowledge on several recipes which were used in ancient Egypt. All these recipes have been carefully chosen and are cooked in a very delicious way. So, if you want to try this kind of food or cook it yourself, then this book is the right choice for you, because it uses simple language and all the steps are easy to follow. You will find here the ingredients, utensils and equipment needed to cook the recipes, as well as the tools which were used in ancient times, such as ovens and grinding stones. Additionally, this ebook contains information about various kinds of bread which were popular during that time. The book will take you to a journey through history from where you can learn everything about ancient Egyptian food and cooking**

The ancient Egyptians knew how to use herbs and spices and other ingredients in their recipes. The main ingredients in ancient Egyptian food were bread, beer, onions, garlic, fish, meat and fruits. Ancient Egyptians used a lot of seasonings for cooking; garlic, coriander, fenugreek, cumin, caraway seed and black pepper were all used by the ancient Egyptians.

Descriptions of the meals have survived on temple walls. They tell that the servants offered food to their masters first. Only after they had been given some were the other guests allowed to sit down to eat. The food was eaten with bare hands while sitting on the floor.

The ancient Egyptians had many different types of bread. The most common was made from emmer wheat or barley flour but there was also a special bread called bappir which was made from malt extract. Bappir is a kind of flat bread which is still eaten in Egypt today.

This book is a must for any serious student of Egyptian cooking. The author has uncovered many rare recipes and their symbolism which will interest both the scholar and the common cook. Because of the meticulous research, this book is the most complete source of Egyptian recipes available today, and would make an excellent addition to your cookbook library.

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A facsimile of a recipe book from ancient Egypt, written in hieratic script in the 18th century BC and translated into English.

The Ancient Egyptians used art as a way to portray their daily lives. Art in ancient Egypt was also used for religious purposes. Sculptures and paintings found on the walls of tombs and temples show that ancient Egyptian religion had a huge impact on art.

Ancient Egyptian artists usually worked with stone, wood or any other durable material they came across. They used different types of paint to draw detailed pictures and designs. The colors were made up of ground minerals like ochre and lapis-lazuli, which they mixed with water or egg whites.

The Egyptians believed that art should express something important about the people who created it, so they looked at art as a reflection of the soul of its creator. They believed that this is what gave the art its value and meaning.

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