All About Wall Art Explore the Secrets of Design and Display

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Wall art design, including the selection of colors and styles is important in creating a room that is both pleasing to the eye and functional. There are many ways to show off your personality through your wall art. You can change the look of a room by putting up different wall art for each season or holiday.

TIP! Make sure you have enough light in your room to see things clearly. It may seem like you have adequate lighting, but when you start looking at items closely, you may find that it’s not sufficient. If you have trouble seeing things clearly, consider adding table lamps around the room or possibly changing where some of your overhead lights are placed.

This room is painted with a color scheme that is reminiscent of the sunset. The deep orange and red hues are enchanting when paired with clean white walls. This decorating tip makes use of all the colors present in the sunset, which reminds us of warmth and beauty. The touch of gold brings it all together nicely.

In this article, we will show you how to select the perfect wall art for your home.

The first thing you want to do when selecting wall art is to decide what kind of room you are going to put it in. This will help you to choose a piece that is going to make your room look great. A small print may look silly in a large room, while a large piece may overwhelm a small space.

The right wall art will accentuate the color and design of your room without taking away from its overall appearance. It should enhance the existing decor, not overpower it.

You should also think about the size of your artwork, as well as the amount of light that would be hitting it. Artwork that is too small or too dark will not have enough detail or color so that it can be appreciated. Likewise, if it is placed in an area where it receives no light, there will be no reason for you to display it since no one will ever see how beautiful it really is.

When choosing wall art, remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for something that looks fantastic on your walls. You just need to find the right piece for your home and know how and where to put it so that it looks great.

The design of a room is also heavily influenced by the wall art that is displayed. Wall art can be any kind of picture, poster or piece of art work that you choose to display on your walls. When you are designing the decor of a room, making sure you include enough wall art is a good idea, but where do you start?

TIP 1: Designing and Choosing Wall Art

When it comes to wall art most people have some kind of idea in their head about how they want the room to look and what kind of wall art they want to include. Maybe you want to hang some family photos on the walls or create a gallery effect using your favourite paintings. Whatever it is that you want from your wall art, firstly decide if you will be framing them or leaving them as they are. Framing can be expensive so make sure that what you choose to frame is worth it. You could choose to frame a single photo or painting that has significant value and meaning for you. Next, think about what colour frames to get. If the frames are too dark then they may be overpowering for the rest of your design scheme and if they are too light then they may blend into the background and not stand out enough. Try and find something in the

The options available on the market are many, so you should have no problem finding something that will fit your tastes and budget. You may want to consider a larger piece of artwork for the living room and smaller pieces for other rooms in your home.

Trying a new form of wall art is a great way to spruce up your home without spending too much money. It will be easy to create a whole new look for your walls using the ideas presented here.


Publishing Date: August 1, 2012

The arrangement of art in your home is just as crucial to your decorating success as the pieces themselves. A well placed piece of art can be the focal point of a room and provide an eye-catching accent. Or it can be the finishing touch to an already stunning room.

Truly, there are no limits as to where art can be used in a home. It can be hung on walls, above mantels and fireplaces, in bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. The possibilities are endless!

Once you have determined where you want to hang your piece(s) of art (or if your piece is on a shelf or an easel), you need to think about the general design concept of your space. Is it modern, traditional, eclectic or minimalist? This concept will help determine what shape, texture and color scheme you should use for your display.

In many cases, the most basic design elements will take care of themselves. For example:

* If you want a contemporary look in your dining room area, then choose contemporary-style art.* If you’re preparing for a beachside honeymoon, select seaside-themed art.* If you’re looking for a way to soften up an office that feels cold and impersonal, try pastel colored prints

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