A Passion for Silhouette Art

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My husband and I are both artists; I am a mixed-media artist and my husband is a silversmith. We are the owners of Sculpture House Gallery in Forest Grove, Oregon. Being artists, we were trained to think outside of the box, be original and not follow trends.

Toward that end, we created our own art form called silhouette art. Silhouette art is an art form that is done by cutting out silhouettes from black paper or vinyl and using them to decorate the items you can see below. We also have a blog about carrying on an art tradition within your family.

This is a blog about silhouette art from the perspective of a family that has been doing it for generations. We hope that you will enjoy reading this blog and find it helpful, but most of all we hope that you just like what we do. Whether you are new to silhouette art or an old pro, we hope this blog helps to show you different ways to create beautiful silhouettes. The Silhouette Art Blog is also an excellent resource for artists who are looking for new ideas, tips and techniques about how to create great silhouettes.

Since I was a child, my mom had been cutting out silhouettes. I remember her cutting them out and then hanging them all over the house for every holiday and special occasion. When I was about 5 years old, she gave me a pair of scissors and told me to cut out the silhouettes for my room. At that age, I didn’t quite understand how to cut out the people so they were shaped like people. I would just cut the paper into different shapes and patterns but not really like animals or people. My mom encouraged me and I kept trying to make more and more symmetrical.

Now that I am older, I love carrying on this art tradition of cutting silhouettes with my mom and my kids. It is very relaxing when you have time to sit down and just cut out some silhouettes together as a family activity. My mom says it also helps her get her mind off of her busy days at work being a nurse practitioner for children with disabilities. She loves making things for people that they can use in their homes or give as gifts.

This blog was created so my family will always be able to go back and see how we were doing on certain years and also be able to share our art with many others around the world.

I have been making silhouettes since I was 5 years old. I make them for family, friends, and other people. Since I was a child, I have never been able to stop making silhouette art. With each person that sees my work, the excitement comes back. My dream is for the art form to live on and be passed down through each generation of my family.

I try to capture the essence of your personality in a design I call “the portrait”. A portrait can be an outline of your head and shoulders or it can be a full body design. When you see your finished design, you will see how much detail went into making it look like you. I want to leave something behind that will remind people of me and my talent forever!

My name is John Evans and I am 17 years old. My dad Lanny Evans has been in the silhouette business since he was 10 years old. He taught me how to make silhouette art when I was young and now he helps me with my business when time allows.

Silhouette art is an art form that involves cutting out shapes in black paper and placing them on other objects in order to convey a message. These silhouettes can be attached by many different methods including: gluing, taping, stapling, etc. Silhouette art can be used to communicate a person’s feelings or emotions through the use of symbols or pictures. For example, a silhouette can be created using a heart to represent love or it can be used to represent pain by using a knife.

I’m a wife and a mom, I like to think that I’m a fairly normal person. But what I do is not normal. I create art. I’ve been doing it all my life, first as a hobby and now as a career – something that’s very different than being an artist or an illustrator or a designer.

I am what’s called a silhouette artist. My husband, Dean, and my daughter also create silhouette art. We all work together as a family to create beautiful art that can be framed as shadow boxes, table top decorations and much more.

The art of shadowboxing dates back to the early 1800s and comes from the French word “Etoupe,” which means burnt cork. The technique for creating silhouette art involves using thin sheets of cardboard cut into various shapes and sizes to cast shadows onto colored paper or fabric. My family and I use many different techniques for creating our pieces including using found objects such as seashells, feathers, leaves, nuts and seeds to create our shadows without ever having to draw them on paper first.*

I enjoy the process of creating silhouette art. It is fun to start with a blank piece of paper and end up with a finished picture. I have always enjoyed drawing, so this is a very fulfilling way to express myself.

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