A Museum of Contemporary Art in a City you Didn’t Know Existed

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The Museum of Modern Art has an impressive collection of contemporary art. In fact, it is one of the most significant collections in the world. New York City is a popular tourist destination with many attractions, but there are a lot of people who have never heard about MoMA or its collection.


The museum is very young. It opened in 2012 and was the first contemporary art museum to open in Los Angeles County since the Museum of Contemporary Art opened in 1983.

The museum is a private non-profit organization that receives funding from the city of Santa Monica, local foundations, corporations, and private donors. The museum is supported by a Board of Trustees and an Advisory Council, and has an annual operating budget of about $4 million. The museum’s collection is valued at over $20 million. For its first five years, the museum was housed in temporary space on Santa Monica Boulevard, but moved into its new permanent location on 4th Street in 2017.

The Museum is located at 2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica, California 90404 (east of the intersection with 4th Street). It is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm, with free admission every day.

“What Is The Museum Of Contemporary Art?” is a blog by Sohrab Mohebbi, a gallery director at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, about the museum and its programs.

The blog covers exhibitions, acquisitions, and current projects and activities. It also provides links to press releases and articles about the museum.

Mohebbi has been with MOCA since 1999. A graduate of UCLA, he previously worked as an assistant to a photographer at Magnum Photos.

The blog is updated regularly.”

A few years ago I was lucky enough to visit the modern art museum of a small city you probably haven’t heard of, but which has a very interesting art museum. The museum is located in the old palace that is now the city hall. This fact alone makes it unusual, as most contemporary art museums have been built in the last century and are quite large and prominent. But this one is located in what is really only a medium-sized city, and its audience is limited by its location.

This small museum is located in a city on the west coast of Canada. The West Coast has always had a different feel from the rest of Canada, with more liberal views about many things and an emphasis on quality of life rather than material success. The city itself has an interesting history, including being home to one of the first Japanese immigrants in North America and later being at the center of a labor dispute when workers went on strike for better working conditions and were harshly treated by the authorities as agitators. So far I’ve discussed only two aspects of this small city, but there are many others.

The same can be said about this small art museum; it has all sorts of surprising aspects, some good and some bad, but all worth exploring further when you have time

I had no idea that people were actually making art like this. It’s a little hard to pin down what is being done, but the work seems to be a kind of cross between installation and performance art. Most of it is performance art in my opinion (there are exceptions). It’s pretty interesting stuff, I have to admit.

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