A Guide to Todd White’s Art

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Todd White is an amazing artist, and he has worked on many amazing projects. His style is unique and hard to describe. I hope to give you a look into Todd White’s work and the stories behind them, as well as some useful information about his art.

This blog will also give you a look into Todd White’s inspirations, which are all over the place. Everything from comic books to cartoons to horror movies to horror stories to Japanese art can be found in his artwork. I hope that this blog will help you appreciate Todd White’s art more, since it is truly amazing!

Todd White is a painter whose work is in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. White has held numerous solo exhibitions at galleries and museums around the United States and Europe. A retrospective exhibition of his work was on display from May through August 2009 at the New Orleans Museum of Art, which will feature over 70 paintings and 30 works on paper.

The art blog features Todd White’s works with commentary about inspirations, current projects, and more.

Todd White’s art is a feast for the eyes and mind, as he seems to live his life. He is an artist of many faces and many mediums, creating stunning work in ceramics, painting, drawing, photography, digital art and more. His work has been published in books including Art of the Wild West, Cowboys and Indian, Spirit of the Plains and others.

This blog was created with Todd’s help to share information about his art. It includes images of his work, images of his inspiration sources (which is often a fascinating journey into history), examples of various works in progress (on exhibit at various times) and gives a glimpse into his process as an artist. Here you can see how he creates clay sculptures that are made over several months. He takes photos along the way of the development process so you can see how they change as they develop into finished pieces. You will also see them in different stages on exhibit in galleries across America.

We are always looking for new information to share with you about Todd’s art so please check back here often for updates!

If you have questions about Todd or any of his art please email us at todd@toddwhitestudios.com or give us a call at the

Todd White is an award-winning American artist, author and entrepreneur. The main focus of his work is on the human form and emotions through a combination of abstract design and realistic portraiture. He has been described by Newsweek Magazine as “America’s most controversial artist” and his work has been shown in museums around the world.


The Artist’s Museum, Los Angeles (LAMOCA)

The Galleries at Moore, Seattle

Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario

Wynwood Art Fair, Miami Beach (2005-2007)

The Peoria Center for the Arts, Peoria, IL (2001)

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y Léon (MACAY), Spain (2003-2004)

The St. Petersburg Art Museum, Russia (2004-2005)

Casa Triângulo Cultural e Educacional do Brumadinho, Brazil (2004)

Galería Carso México D.F., Mexico City (2002-2004)

Nashville Contemporary Arts Center Nashville, TN (1998-1999)

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, IL (1997)*

Todd White’s art is varied and spans a variety of media. His subjects include contemporary culture, the environment, spirituality, politics and the human body. He is known for his use of the figure to address issues of identity, sexuality and gender.

Tall, muscular and athletic with a sometimes androgynous appearance, White often appears in his own work as a subject. He has stated that he considers himself neither male nor female but an “is” or “one”.

White currently lives in Berlin, Germany with his partner Jan and their son Cian. For more information about Todd White visit the following links:

Todd White Art Blog:


Todd White on Facebook:


Todd White on Tumblr:


Todd White has been making art for over 35 years now, and the body of work is large. From his earliest days in New York City to his current status as a master craftsman, Todd’s art has been celebrated by critics and collectors alike. While most of it is quite beautiful, there are some distinguishing characteristics that can help you pinpoint exactly which piece you are looking at.

Paint: Todd uses a wide variety of paint. Because they have different physical properties, they lend themselves to different techniques. This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some generalizations:

Oil: This is the primary medium Todd uses these days. He uses it because he particularly likes the way it encases the image in a film of paint, giving it a richer appearance than any other medium. The downside is that oils take longer to dry than most other paints and require much more care in handling.

Todd also prefers oil paints because they allow him to make changes later on if he needs to. It is impossible to make significant changes to acrylics once they dry and even oil paints cannot be amended once they begin to harden (meaning after about 18 hours). But at their freshest, oils can be amended with turpentine or mineral spirits (turps)

My name is Todd White and I am an artist working in southern California. I have been painting professionally for twenty years and have done work for such clients as Disney, Marvel Comics and Paramount Pictures. I love to paint landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, abstracts, nudes and animals.

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I have painted over 100 paintings of models from around the world. They were all posed nude either outdoors or in a controlled environment. These paintings are my most popular works to date and are ideal for the home or office.

Aliens are a big part of my life and art since I was a child. I started about age 5 drawing pictures of them on paper bags with pens that had run out of ink. I would finish them by imagining what the aliens looked like. As an adult I got more serious about it and began to draw more realistic UFOs than any other artist in the world. The UFOs began appearing in my paintings as well as my sketches all over Los Angeles in places where they would be most easily seen such as bridges over freeways, hillsides overlooking highways, freeway sound barriers and billboards throughout the LA area. After many years of this kind of work I started doing commissioned pieces featuring a particular type of UFO that was based

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