9 Ways To Display Jewelry as a Functional Decoration

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Creative ways to display jewelry, with a focus on how to create new wall art ideas can be a great way to add decoration to your accessories.

This blog is designed for those who like to express their own creativity and are always on the lookout for new ideas.

Artwork can often be tricky. It can make a room feel cluttered and overwhelming. Instead of decorating with frames, why not try using jewelry as decoration? Jewelry has the ability to change the whole atmosphere of a room and make it unique.

Here are 9 creative ways that you can use your jewelry as decoration:

1. Use necklaces as curtain tie backs. Displaying this in your living room or dining room will create a warm and cozy atmosphere, or perhaps in your bedroom for an evening of romance.

2. Attach earrings to the underside of small decorative tables, such as a table lamp or nightstand. This is an especially good idea if you have children because they will be less likely to remove one earring than they would if they were wearing them.

3. Use earrings as drawer knobs. Pull out drawers in your kitchen and attach earrings on either side of the opening, so that when you pull out the drawer it makes a

1. Use your jewelry to make a statement about who you are

Jewelry is one of the best ways to express yourself and a great way to add decoration to your accessories. What do you have that can be used as decoration? Is it a pair of earrings or a necklace? Maybe you have bought on vacation some cool souvenirs, such as necklaces, bracelets or rings. If you are looking for ways to display your jewelry, I would love to introduce some creative ways that will give your accessories an extra touch of decoration.

2. Use them as wall decorations

What do you think about using your jewelry as decoration for the walls? You can hang earrings or necklaces on nails and hang them on the wall. Another idea is to use them like a mobile above your bed or your child’s bed. It is a nice way of decorating, but also functional since they will help you keep your jewelry in one place, especially when they are displayed above beds where they can easily be misplaced due to their use on a daily basis.

3. Use them as magnets

A fun way of decorating with your accessories is by using them as magnets for the refrigerator or for other metal surfaces in your kitchen area. All you need to

Display jewelry as a decorative art is an excellent way to make your accessories more functional and also add new style to your home. It is important to know that you do not have to be a professional to do this. You can do it yourself, if you follow these tips:

Paint frames  or decoupage the frames using a medium or thick paper.  Use vintage frames or you can create a rustic effect by using dried branches.  Add ribbons, lace, or fabric bows on your shelves for decorations.  

Jazz up old candle sticks with beads, buttons and other trinkets.  Create a sun catcher by stringing together different patterns of beads or sequins in bright colors.   Try creating a hanging chandelier by threading on various chains and charms with hooks at the end of each strand.  Mix up different styles of necklaces together in one box.   Add closure pins to an old picture frame as hooks for scarves, belts and hats.   Attach feathers, jewels and other trinkets to picture frame to decorate them.   Hang necklaces from the ceiling or door knobs for inexpensive decoration use for parties or gatherings.   

Place jewelry on shelves for decoration purposes only or use

The jewelry you wear is meant to complement your clothing and your skin tone, but a recent trend in home decorating has upcycled jewelry into art pieces. You can find many ways of displaying your jewelry beyond the traditional method of placing it in a velvet-lined box atop a dresser. Here are some creative ideas for displaying jewelry as decoration.

Jewelry is a very personal product. It is something you wear, which means it’s something close to your body at all time. Thus it should be able to decorate your home in the same way as other accessories, such as clothes or shoes.

Here are some tips to display jewelry around your home as another type of decoration:

Here’s a low-cost way to make an attractive display for your jewelry. You can use an empty picture frame from a thrift store and spray paint it to match your décor. Just remove the glass, insert your jewelry and hang it on the wall. It looks great when grouped with other similar frames of different sizes or heights.

I came across this idea on Pinterest and found that you can use a number of different types of frames to display your jewelry:

1. A simple shadow box frame mounted on the wall with a piece of ribbon tied around it.

2. A shadow box frame but with two sides hinged together so that you can flip open the side doors and see all the jewelry inside (as pictured above).

3. A simple wooden frame with a thin board glued to the back that holds little hooks for hanging necklaces or rings. This is one I’m going to try out as soon as I find a plain wooden frame with no glass in it!

4. A simple white wooden frame that sits on top of your dresser or nightstand and holds all your bracelets neatly in place, ready to be worn!

5. Another variation is to add some wallpaper or colored paper behind the jewelry to create a collage effect

How to display jewelry on the wall? Jewelry is one of the most precious possessions of every woman. Not only because they provide a way to decorate your body and accentuate your individuality, but also because they are symbols of love and family.

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