5 Ways to Add Highlights to Your Eye Makeup Routine

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To create a more dramatic and beautiful look, add highlights to your eye makeup routine. Here are 5 ways to do so:

Duo Eyeshadow

When choosing a duo, choose the lighter shade as a highlight and the darker shade to use on the crease. Apply the darker shade to the crease first with an angled brush. Then, apply the lighter shade along your brow bone, in the inner corner of your eyes, and along your lash line as you would a normal eyeshadow.

Brightening Eyeliner

If you’re not into wearing eyeshadows in every color of the rainbow, brightening eyeliner is another way to add highlights to your eye makeup routine. Use a thin liner brush and apply it on top of black eyeliner. Then add light blue or green eyeshadow over it to create a beautiful and vibrant look.

Tinted Setting Sprays

Similar to brightening eye liners, tinted setting sprays can also be used instead of eyeshadows for a subtle glow on your face. Spray it high above your cheekbones and blend it out towards your temples with your fingertips.

Highlighting Powder

Another fantastic alternative is highlighting powder. Apply it right under your eyebrows and in between them with an angled

Hi everyone! It’s time for another blog post today, and today’s post is about eye makeup. I’ve always been a fan of putting a highlight on my eyes, and I think it just adds that extra detail to your look.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to find the right way to highlight your eyes, so I’m here to help you out! Below are my top 5 ways to add highlights to your eye makeup routine.

1. Using a Shimmering Highlight

This one is my personal favorite – I love how shimmery highlights can look! This can be done by using highlighters like the ones from NYX or Wet n Wild, or you can use something like a metallic eyeshadow. A great example of this would be Lorac’s “Afternoon in Paris” palette, which has a beautiful gold color that gives off the perfect amount of shimmer!

Use your shimmering eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes and blend it outwards towards the temples. You can also apply it on the brow bone for an even more dramatic look.

2. Using an Illuminating Under Eye Concealer

I’m sure many of us have heard of using concealer as a highlighter, but did you know

Adding highlights to your eye makeup routine is a great way to add a beautiful look into your eyes. There are many ways to do this, but here are the top 5 ways I recommend for women who want to add highlights to their eyes.

TIP 1: Makeup Brushes

Using makeup brushes to add highlights is probably one of the easiest ways. Using a highlight brush, dip it into a highlighter and then apply it onto your brow bone and eyelid. Find the areas that you want highlighted and use the brush to apply a small amount of the highlighter onto these areas. This will give your eyes an awesome glow!

TIP 2: Cream Highlighters

Cream highlighters are also perfect for adding highlights to your eyes. It is important that you only use a small amount though, because if you use too much then it will not look natural at all. The best way to apply cream highlighters is using a brush, but you can also apply them with your fingers if you prefer.

TIP 3: Makeup Pallets

Another way to add highlights is by using makeup pallets. If you have neutral toned pallet then this is perfect for this application. If not then you can go ahead and buy

Adding highlights to your eye makeup routine can be a fun and easy way to spice up your look. Highlighting is when you put a lighter shade of color next to a darker shade of the same color. Doing this will create the illusion that your eyes are brighter and more defined, by drawing attention to the outer corners and creases of your eyes.

There are many ways to do eye makeup, but adding a highlight to your eyes can be breathtaking if done right. Here are five tips and tricks that will help you try it out in a way that suits your taste.

TIP 1: The easiest way to get the look is by using a highlighter pencil on the inner rim of your lower lash line. Once you’ve applied your eye shadow, simply run the pencil along the inner rim of your eyelid from the inside corner to the outer corner. This will create a subtle glow in this area that can make your eyes look brighter and bigger. You can choose any color pencil you like, but I prefer gold or champagne tones to compliment brown eyes.

TIP 2: A second easy way to add a highlight is by applying highlighter shadow instead of pencil. If you want even more pop, apply it in addition to using a pencil on your lower lash line. To apply it, first apply an eye primer all over your lids and let it dry. Then, once dry, apply highlighter all over your lid with a brush or an eye shadow applicator (I prefer an applicator). Blend well so there are no harsh lines or clumps of product showing.


1. Use a white-base shadow instead of a darker shade. “A white-base shadow will make your eyes look bigger and more awake,” says makeup artist Bobbi Brown. Try the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in White ($22), which has a soft shimmer. Or try it even simpler: use a pen eyeliner in white to draw a thin line below your top lashline, or trace your bottom waterline with a white pencil, like the Laura Mercier Eye Defining Pencil in Espresso ($24).

2. Use a highlighter under the brow bone. “Highlighting under the brow bone helps create dimension and depth,” says makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. Try Benefit Cosmetics High Beam ($20), which contains vitamins C and E (both are antioxidants). You can also try Smashbox Cosmetics Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder ($32) for a subtle glow.

3. Use a highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes. “I love to use liquid illuminators that contain jojoba oil and vitamin E,” says celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow of Tinaland.com, who recommends The Body Shop Lightening Touch Illuminating Eye Drops ($13) and NYX Cosmetics

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