10 Places To Find Your Alcohol Ink Art Inspiration

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” The Alcohol Ink Art blog has been launched as a way to bring together a dedicated community and share ideas and inspiration. We hope that you will find the articles, projects and information to be helpful, inspiring and even fun.

Tjensvoll, L. “10 Places To Find Your Alcohol Ink Art Inspiration.” Alcohol Inks | Alcohol Ink Art | 2013, alcoholinks.blogspot.com/2013/11/10-places-to-find-your-alcohol-ink.html.

Tjensvoll, L. “Alcohol Ink Art.” Alcohol Inks | Alcohol Ink Art | 2013, alcoholinks.blogspot.com/.

We all know that alcohol ink is great for making art. There are so many uses for alcohol ink and there are so many ways you can use alcohol ink to make some pretty amazing pieces of art.

Trying to find alcohol ink art inspiration can be a little bit challenging at times. Especially if you have been using alcohol inks for a while, you know the possibilities. You probably also know the limitations. That is where this article comes in handy! I have created a blog post with 10 great places online to find alcohol ink art inspiration.

The following blog post will give you some great ideas that you may or may not be aware of when it comes to using alcohol inks to create some awesome artwork of your own!

Be sure to check out the blog post and let me know if you found it helpful!

Many of you out there in the interwebz have asked for more inspiration for alcohol ink art, so here it is! We’ve found 10 places to go online to find great alcohol ink art.

What are you waiting for? Get inspired and get creating!

No matter what your style or skill level, there are lots of places online that you can go to for alcohol ink art inspiration. These 10 sites are all about alcohol ink art and also have a variety of tips, tools and resources to help you learn more about this exciting medium.

Tutorials: This is a great place to find free instructions for various alcohol ink art projects. The site has many different categories that include jewelry, glass etching, stenciling and more. You will also find video tutorials that show you how to create several different projects.

Teachers: For those who want to learn alcohol ink art but don’t have any lessons available in their area, this site offers high-quality videos that teach both basic and advanced techniques. The tutorials are taught by professional artists and include both written instructions and plenty of pictures.

Articles: This site offers a wide variety of articles related to the subject of alcohol ink art. The articles are extremely helpful for new artists that need more information about the tools and materials used in this medium.

The artist spotlight section is one example of where you can find extensive information about other artists within the industry as well as read their interviews and see their portfolios. Another section offers tips and tricks on how to succeed as an

I find inspiration in alot of places. I love to see how other people use the art of alcohol inks and what they create with it. This can come from magazines, books, online galleries and even from other artists at my local art guild.

Trying to figure out what I want to do next is often the most difficult part of my work. It’s so easy for me to get stuck in a rut and feel like I’m running in place instead of moving forward. When this happens, I try and look for some kind of inspiration to get me back on track. There are many sources for inspiration that you can use, so here are ten places that I have found helpful when I’m looking for new ideas:

1) Online Alcohol Ink Art Galleries:

There are a number of online galleries that specialize in alcohol ink art. These galleries tend to be very specific and may focus on a certain topic or artist. There are a number of them out there but here are a few that I like best:

Alcohol Ink Art Gallery : This is one of my favorite galleries because it features both some great artist as well as some interesting topics that you don’t see covered elsewhere. They also have an active blog where lots of different news items and articles

You can use alcohol inks on almost any surface, including metal, wood, glass and even fabric. Alcohol inks are permanent when dry. An alcohol ink pad comes pre-loaded with non-toxic, odorless alcohol ink. There are many different brands of Alcohol Inks. You can buy Alcohol Ink at your local craft stores like Michaels or online at Amazon, Joann’s etc.

Tutorials for Alcohol Ink Art:

Start by watching the video above to learn how to make a simple alcohol ink art flower that is similar to the one I made above. Next, read the post below it to learn how to make an alcohol ink art butterfly using an old book page as a background. The instructions include step by step photos and tips on how to use alcohol ink effectively.

Make sure you watch the short video tutorial below to learn how to make a simple leaf with alcohol ink paint. It’s very easy!

The last video above shows you how to create an elegant larger scale piece of artwork using alcohol inks on glass or mirror. You might want to watch this one last after you have tried out a few other projects and have some ideas of your own!**

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