10 Modern Pieces of Metal Art to Spruce up any Home

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Exterior pieces of art can add a whole new level of detail to your home. From the front door to the fence, even a simple piece of metal art can transform an ordinary piece of property into an extraordinary one.

TIP: Make sure that your local zoning laws allow you to have metal art before you purchase anything. If not, consider altering or removing some pieces of your metal art once you get it home.

10 Modern Pieces of Metal Art to Spruce up any Home

1. C-Lamp by Daan Roosegaarde: The C-Lamp is a unique lighting fixture that uses electrostatic technology to attract dust particles. It was created in the Netherlands and is compatible with North American electrical standards. This lamp is available in chrome and copper, but it’s also available in gold and silver if you have a higher budget.

2. The Color Spiral by David Del Tredici: This colorful piece will add life to your yard or garden area, and it’s also functional! The Color Spiral is made from long lengths of steel wire that are twisted into circular forms. As the wind blows through the colorful spiral, it produces a melodic sound that many people find soothing. This piece can be installed indoors or outside depending on how much space

Metal art can be defined as any sort of sculpture in metal. The most common type is wrought iron, but it can also include cast iron, steel and aluminum among others.

Metal art is a great way to show off your unique personality and artistic flair, while also giving your home a vibrant look that will make it stand out from the crowd.

Here’s a list of ten modern pieces of metal art to spruce up any home:

1) Flower Pots by Joo Young Ryu

Joo Young Ryu created these gorgeous flower pots using found objects such as bicycle parts, license plates and other scrap metal. They are completely functional and can be used to grow your favorite flowers. You can purchase one from here .

2) Crystal Chandelier by Walead Beshty & Daniel Rolnik

Made from polished stainless steel, this modern chandelier is available here .

3) Laser Cut Picture Frame by Holly Hunt Holly Hunt produces lovely laser cut picture frames that have an elegant, minimalist design. They come in two sizes: 4″x6″ or 5″x7″. They can be purchased here . 4) Dragonfly Sculpture by David Smith This sculpture is made entirely out of hand-forged steel. It measures 17

Deciding on an artist to create metal art for home decor could be a rather daunting task. For one thing, there are so many different types of metal art that it makes the decision even more difficult. You have metal wall sculptures, metal mobiles, metal furniture, and much more.

Determining what style of metal art is best for you can be a challenge because of all the different designs available. However, once you begin your shopping experience, you will find that there are many modern pieces of metal art that will fit your needs and preferences perfectly.

Having metal art in your home will add an interesting touch to the overall decor and will also give you a great way to express yourself through the art that you choose. Here are ten modern pieces of metal art to spruce up any home:

1. Sculptures by Luis Llerena

Luis Llerena is a highly acclaimed artist who has been creating some amazing metal sculptures for over thirty years. His work has been displayed in museums around the world and he has received much praise from critics and fans alike. One of his most famous sculptures is entitled “La Puerta” which means “The Door”, a piece in which he created three-dimensional shapes from two-dimensional sheets

Metal art is not a new form of art. In fact, metal has been used in art forms since the Bronze Age and even before that there were techniques used to create sculptures that involved metal. The earliest metal sculptures that have been discovered were during the Bronze Age, however it was during the Renaissance era where metal art really took off and became more prominent. Metal artwork was seen as a way to tell stories and express feelings.

The term ‘metal art’ can be used to describe many different types of artwork that may not seem like they have anything in common, but all involve metal. There are sculptures made by using the lost wax technique, sculptures created using found objects, paintings that use metallic paint, photographs and drawn images that incorporate metal in their design or appearance, jewelry for both men and women, furniture and lighting fixtures. Some artists who create metal art incorporate recycled materials into their work as well, especially if they are trying to make a statement about environmentalism or recycling.

In this article you will be introduced to some artists who create modern pieces of metal art that can be used to spruce up any home.’

Metal art is a beautiful way to decorate your home. From the interior to the exterior, you can use metal art to spruce up any part of your house. Plus, it’s made from recyclable materials so it’s eco-friendly too!

1. The Eiffel Tower Metal Art Sculpture

This stunning piece of modern art is made from a recycled steel sheet and has been hand sanded and polished. It comes in four separate pieces with an included mounting kit and is designed to stay outside year round.

2. Metal Tree Sculpture

This beautiful piece of metal art is crafted from hand-polished, galvanized steel and makes a gorgeous addition to any room. Plus, it’s lightweight and mounts with ease!

3. Modern Industrial Geometric Wall Art

This gorgeous piece of modern wall art is made from powder coated steel and comes in three sizes that mount easily on your wall. It’s sure to bring life and color into any room of your home!

4. Metal Wall Decor – Rustic Gray Barn Star

This stunning piece of metal wall decor features a rustic gray finish that looks great in any room. Plus, it’s handmade in the USA!

5. Metal Bookend Bookshelf

The First piece, is a Tiger Shark Wall sculpture. It has a unique look, the way the metal is shaped and has been given a patina. It is not only contemporary but certainly will stand out from all the other pieces in your collection of art.

It is made of steel, so it is also very durable and will look great for many years to come as long as you keep it out of direct sunlight.

The second piece that we absolutely love, is a set of three hanging metal spheres by artist Ted Riederer. Each sphere has been welded together and then given an amazing patina which really brings out the details of each sphere.

Titled “The Family,” this set stands at 24 inches tall and 12 inches wide which makes it perfect for any room in your home where you want to add some color and be different from others who just have regular paintings or photographs hanging up on their walls.

This piece takes metal art to a whole new level with its beauty and simplicity, while taking up very little room in your home. The third item on our list features another great use of metal art with two hanging cylinders with colored glass inside them by artist Corinne Vionnet titled “Frozen Fire.” This piece is amazing, especially when

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