Yes, You Can Get Custom-Made Mosaic Art

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You can get custom-made mosaic art. That is, if you’re willing to pay $10,000 or thereabouts, and are prepared to wait a couple of years while the artist makes it.

I am that artist. I make mosaics, and I’m the primary source of information for the blog linked above. If you are considering commissioning a piece of mosaic art, or just want to know more about what I do, please contact me via email or phone. …

I’ve been thinking about writing this blog for over a year now, but have not had time to do much more than think about it. The idea is simple; it’s just time-consuming to create such art. It’s also a little scary. It’s not something you do every day! …

I’m going to start by showing off some of my past projects and explaining how they were made.[1] Then I’ll go into some detail about how I work and what kinds of things I make.[2] Finally, I’ll talk about pricing.[3] But first things first. Let’s look at some pictures:


If you are in the mood to get a mosaic mural made of your face or any other object, check out this great blog.

How much does it cost? The artist and blogger behind Mosaic Artist, Mike Pace, will create one for you; the first one was $500. He’s currently working on a two-foot mosaic of a man’s face that will cost $1,200. How did he come up with that price?

“Here’s my rule of thumb,” he writes on his blog. “A two foot square mosaic will take about 120 hours; at $20 an hour it would cost $2,400.” But he added in design time (which is free), travel costs (he lives in San Francisco but drives up to Berkeley to work), insurance (he carries it since this is technically art installation), and profit margin.

The result is a mosaic of your face that features some of your facial features – such as your eyes, nose and mouth – in more detail than others. It also has more abstract features such as color, texture and shading.

“I don’t usually have a specific image in mind when starting,” Pace said in an interview with . “Instead I just work on the background until I feel

Recently, I had a custom mosaic piece made. While this is not a common activity for me, I was inspired by a recent visit to the tile district in Los Angeles. I noticed that many of the large installations featured similar colors and patterns and wanted to create something similar in my own home.

A local artist, who designs and creates mosaic art, agreed to help me realize my vision. The artist created a large scale photo-mosaic with the tiles depicting my family, pets and myself in front of our property. The result of this collaboration was an amazing work of art that transformed our living room and instantly became the focal point of conversation among visitors.

The process involved getting professional photographs taken and emailing them to the artist, who then chose colors and patterns from his inventory of tiles, creating a detailed design that would be assembled into a final product during his visit to our home. It was exciting to watch him design the mosaic using his computer software program with photos from my camera on one screen and tile colors on another screen.

During the creation process, he used small pieces of adhesive paper that were later removed without damaging the tiles. A week after he left we had an installation party where friends could watch him place the tiles onto our wall. The work took

How to make a mosaic tile mural?

First, decide what you want to have in your mural. Think about the themes, colors and shapes you want to use.

Then, take a photo of the image that inspires you while imagining it as a mosaic. You will use it to guide you in making your own design.

Finally, hand over the image file to your artist at our website or give him/her the exact size of the frame you want your mural to adorn. If the frame for the artwork is not yet ready, don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance. We’ll gladly help you with measuring and installation tips or any other information related to your unique artwork.

While we are working on your order, we will send photos from time to time so that you can see how your project is progressing. When we finish your mosaic art and it is ready for delivery, we’ll send you a detailed delivery schedule and ask you to pay 30% of its price. The rest of the amount should be paid when we deliver your customized artwork!

Our artists will pack up the mosaic tile mural carefully before they ship it out. Also they will provide detailed delivery instructions along with any other information necessary for smooth shipping of your piece of art.”

To get an idea of what it’s like to be in a mosaic, let’s look at the mosaics themselves. Here’s one I did as a demo:

The basic idea is pretty simple: you have a big picture made of small pieces. But the picture is built by stacking layers, rather than building up with glue or mortar.

Here’s how the process works. First I sketched out the border of the mosaic, about 6″ wide, on the floor of my studio:

Next I laid out each tile by itself and took a photo from above. This makes it easy to line them up in Photoshop.

It’s often hard to imagine how many hours are involved in creating a mosaic. It can be overwhelming for a customer to think about all the hand cutting, gluing and grinding that goes into their piece.

But, I’ve found that most people don’t really care how long it takes. They just want to know that we’re not simply slapping something together quickly. They trust that if we take the time to do a good job, the end result will be worth the wait.

Mosaic art is the process of creating a work of art using pieces of broken glass, ceramics, or stone. The term is most often used to describe artwork made with small pieces of colorful, inorganic materials such as glass or stone. It is a broad definition which includes all manner of works from wall decorations to fine art.

Tiles are flat pieces of material that are typically cut and arranged with grout to create images and patterns. The word mosaic comes from the Italian word “mosaico” meaning a work of art created using small pieces of different colored stone and or glass. A mosaic can be formal or informal; it can also be abstract or representational and may incorporate multiple materials including tile, glass, stone and even metals.

A mosaic artist is someone who uses tiles to make a mosaic; they usually create their mosaics on some kind of mesh. A mesh can be anything from cheesecloth to a sturdy piece of fabric or wire mesh used to hold the tiles together while the grouting process takes place. Mosaics are generally used for decoration although they can also be seen as works of art in themselves.

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