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Creative logic is a critical aspect of the art piece.

A different side of the art piece is presented through this blog. The blog explores the main character and other characters that are in the art piece. The character who made their blog is the main character of the art piece, who creates his/her blog to share their thoughts with others. The main character’s name is Xandra Black Wildcat, who has a personal grudge against those who are responsible for her father’s death. The other characters consist of her younger sister and mother, and friends from college. Xandra Black, or Wildcat as she is known among her friends, has a creative mind and she comes up with new ideas and does what she wants to do, even if she would have to break rules to achieve her goals. She would rather be known for being creative than for being like everyone else, which makes her one of a kind. Her family members have their own blogs on WILDCATS: A Blog Around the Main Character of Sakimichan Art Piece .

WILDCATS is the story of a young man who must travel across a dangerous land to find his father. Along the way, he befriends many different kinds of animals and discovers powers he never knew he had.

The art style is a blend of anime, manga and western animation. It’s sort of like if Disney made an anime movie, but it’s not quite either of those things. The visual style is very colorful and detailed, with a lot of black outlines, bright colors (often with gradients), and very smooth shading.

There’s a fair amount of action in this story, but even when there isn’t much going on there are usually several different things to look at on each page, so there’s never a dull moment.

The comic updates every Monday and Thursday.

The idea of making a piece of art that focuses on a main character instead of the artist’s style is one that I have been interested in for awhile. Art pieces can be made to tell stories and by creating a story with the art piece you can get your viewers to see the art in a different way.

I have done many anime inspired pieces but this one was different because it was not about my art style but more about the characters and their personalities. This is also one of the first pieces I have completed in a long time due to having health issues that affected my drawing ability so it is nice to be able to complete a piece again.*

The story behind this piece is based on an original character named Wildcat who lives in Neo City, USA. She is a vigilante who uses her weapon “The Gauntlet” to fight crime both human and mutant. Wildcat wears red leather pants, a red leather jacket with a white fur collar, black combat boots, black fingerless gloves as well as two red belts which she wears over her shoulders and chest at all times. Her hair color is blonde and she has blue eyes.*

When I started working on Wildcat, I knew that I wanted her to be strong and independent but still feminine at the same time (which

Sakimichan Art is an artist that likes to draw and create. She has been doing art for a long time now. Her art is different and unique. She loves to do anime, animal, and many other things. She has brought out so many great art pieces that people have enjoyed and love to look at them. There are some great art pieces on there account that people have enjoyed looking at as well. The great colors in the pictures and the way she brings out the pictures with shadows is great. The pictures are vibrant with color, and you can see the details of every character in it. You can tell what is happening in the picture and how everyone is feeling about it.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **(Rough Draft)**

Name:How to make money

The student did an amazing job explaining the steps taken to complete the artwork and showing the resources that were used to create it. The post also showed a great deal of descriptive language, which allows other artists to learn how things are created in a step by step process. The post is perfect for anyone interested in learning how to create art just like this piece. This is a great blog/tutorial for students because there are so many steps involved. It would be helpful for students to see all of these steps and have them written down in order so they can follow along.”

Scoring Rubric

Comment Quality: 1=no comments; 2=1-3 comments; 3=4-6 comments; 4=7-9 comments; 5=10+ comments

            Blog Relevance: 1=no connection; 2=weak connection; 3=some connection; 4=clear connection; 5=strong connection

            Blog Analysis: 1=no analysis; 2=hints of analysis; 3=some analysis; 4=clear analysis of key points; 5=analysis thoroughly examines key points

            Blog Organization: 1=no organization or unclear organization; 2= some organization or unclear organization of ideas; 3 =partial organization or weak organization of

“When I was a kid, I wanted to be a wildcat. They are powerful, intelligent and independent. They have four babies at a time who stay with their mother for two years until they can survive on their own. Because of this, it’s nearly impossible to study them in the wild. I was very affected by this fact and I decided that if they couldn’t be studied in the wild, then I would just go live with them.”

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