Why You Shouldn’t Compromise on the Artist for Your Wedding

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Wedding Art

You’ve been invited to this wonderful event and you want to make it memorable. You want something special. I would be honored to create a custom piece of art just for you, that commemorates your love and can be passed down from generation to generation or used as an heirloom in your home.

A wedding is one of the most important days in a couple’s life, so why compromise on the artist? Find someone who will put a personal touch on your wedding day. I also offer some advice on hiring a professional artist for your event.

Once you start looking for a wedding artist, you’ll notice that there are tons of options. There are the super expensive ones. And then there are the super cheap ones. The problem with the super cheap ones is that they probably aren’t real artists.

I want to warn you about the danger of going cheap when it comes to hiring an artist for your wedding. I know this might come across as a little bit pompous and self-righteous but after all, we’re talking about your wedding here. A lot is at stake, and when it comes to weddings, it’s not just about money but also about reputation and integrity. I often get people asking me if I could make their portrait look like one of my paintings or if I have a cheaper version of one of my paintings in stock, and I have to tell them no because they aren’t professionals and they don’t even offer any kind of guarantee or warranty on their work. So no, I can’t help them out, and neither should you.

I have been in the art business for almost 20 years, and my work is featured in private collections all over the world. I say this not to brag, but to let you know that I have a VERY good understanding of what it takes to be a successful, professional artist. And if you are looking for an artist who will deliver quality work with less than 4 weeks notice, please look elsewhere for your wedding artist.

I am not a corporation and I do not have a trained sales staff or a fancy lobby or extra staff hanging around to take your calls. I am a one-woman show, and because of that my work has been featured all over the world through word of mouth alone. If you want an exceptional artist who will make sure that your wedding day is filled with amazing memories captured in beautiful art, please contact me ASAP before someone else books me for your date!

Art is like a second language. You can get by with just art school French. Or the kind of French that Spanish speakers speak — it’s all the same to them. But if you really want to impress your French friends, you need to learn real French. The same goes for art.

Tiny details like line quality, proportions and color palette will give your work instant credibility and quality. Your guests will be blown away by your awesome wedding album, and will realize how much more professional you are than your neighbors whose weddings they’ve been to in the past.

Convinced? Great! Now come on over here to our blog and learn how easy it is to hire a pro!

To see why this is a mistake, let’s look at some of the common arguments for hiring an amateur. When I say “amateur,” I mean “someone who does art for fun, as opposed to a professional artist.”

Art is special. Surely there are times when it makes sense to hire someone who is not a professional. If you’re getting married on the beach, or having your reception in a house that has never had guests before, then of course you want to bring in somebody else to make it beautiful; and if you can’t afford professionals, then you should use amateurs.

But art is different from most other things. Most businesses don’t care who they buy their services from: they just want the cheapest and most convenient. The only exception is if what they’re buying is very important. For example, you don’t want your wedding photographer to have never used a camera before and be using it for the first time at your wedding. You don’t want your surgeon to have only done five operations in his whole life, and all of them on pigs. (I’m making these numbers up.) But art isn’t like that: many people can create beautiful art, and anyone can create art that’s better than nothing.

That’s what makes

Weddings are emotional, expensive, and intimate events. Your wedding is a momentous occasion to you and your partner and the ones you love. It is a reflection of the two of you, no matter what style of wedding you are planning. You want your wedding to be special for you, but also for the ones that came before and those that are coming after – your children, grandchildren, and the generations to come.

You may not know it, but your wedding will also be a reflection on them. One mistake can tarnish that reflection. That mistake can be hiring an artist who doesn’t have experience in this genre or hiring someone who just cheapens the whole experience by producing bad art or poor quality products at a cheap price.

You may think ‘I am paying them to make me happy’, but I will tell you that it takes more than money to make us happy. It takes respect. It takes passion and skill. All these things should be there in an artist no matter the budget they work with or the scale of their work

Being an artist is not a job, it’s your life! We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality work and service. All of our artists have extensive experience in the wedding industry and have worked on hundreds of weddings.

We are all very passionate about what we do and take great pride in bringing your vision to life. Our artists are second to none and have the experience to ensure that your wedding day is stress free for you!

Please allow us the opportunity to make your wedding day one that you will remember forever. We would love to be part of your special day!

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