Why Most Artists Fail : The Identity Trap

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I have been a full-time artist for a while now and I always knew that there was a reason why I couldn’t get my art out there, why I couldn’t make better art, why I couldn’t make more money to support myself as an artist.

If you tell yourself you’re not a great artist and you can’t earn any money with social media, then you won’t be motivated to draw and will make inconsistent posts.

The main reason most artists fail with social media is that they have a self-defeating sense of identity.

I used to be pretty disorganized.
Because you’re going to be unsure of the point of doing this, but if you install a new operating system in your brain, your world will change. One of my mentors recently had me do this, and it has created so many positive changes in me. This has improved my consistency. I also feel happier because I’m learning how to really enjoy drawing.

If you will pursue art full-time, you will be able to spend more time on each project. If you are efficient with putting out your projects, people will notice. If you are not quite there yet in terms of quality, don’t worry. The ultimate version of you makes art for a living. The old version of you thinks $10,000 is a lot of money. The ultimate version of you spent $10,000 like it was nothing because the ultimate version of you has millions of dollar capabilities.

Your ideal self-image is important to set for yourself. So, every day, ask yourself what the best version of you would do in that situation. Would this be something that the best version of you would wear? As Boy Genius, my ultimate self, I would strive to learn as much as possible by immersing myself in comic books and studying art. I would work hard to be humble, yet confident in both my abilities and my potential for growth.

You want to feel that you’re capable of pursuing your goals, and not constantly doubting yourself. The more confident you are in your own ability, the more you’ll get done.

Say your self-image is like a skyscraper, with each floor representing a level of confidence. When you start doing this, your old identity (the ground floor) tries to convince you to stay at that level, because it’s comfortable.

You must constantly remind yourself of who you are in order to make sure your true essence isn’t co-opted by desire.

The goal-directed side of the ego is focused on worldly success. You can focus your mind on the infinite to get rid of limited thoughts and get in touch with your higher self.

The ego can be useful when it’s in charge of your body, but when you stop living mindfully, the ego is much more likely to take over and drive you in a direction you don’t want to go. The ego is like a horse that can pull you along, but it will just take you wherever it wants and not where you want to go. The self (center of consciousness) is like the driver, and it’s the part of you that pulls away.

The key to staying consistent with posting your art on social media is with your ability to stay present and grounded with your intention. Your psyche wants to play video games. Your psyche wants to waste time scrolling through your social media feed. Seriously, how many times have you caught yourself having imaginary conversations in your head?

Whenever your ego is running wild, you can re-center yourself by focusing on your breath for a few minutes.

Let that old version of you who said that you can’t do something show up. You don’t have to engage it, but allow it to pass by. This is because taking a breath gives you the reins to take back control of your life.

Mindfulness can be like naps. When you first start practicing mindfulness, you’re like, “Oh yeah, I’m just the universe experiencing myself as this microscopic worm-like creature with appendages floating on this speck of dust in the void. When you first learn about mindfulness, it can be like falling asleep. You realize that you live on this tiny planet in the middle of nowhere, and your life is actually incredibly small compared to everything else.

The more you can stay present and mindful, the easier it will be to realize how beautiful this miracle is. When you’re awake in this dream of life, you’ll experience a panorama of beauty and wonder. But as soon as your attention wanders from that sensation, your ego will try to convince you that it’s doing nothing of the sort.

If you’re unhappy with a lot of the things in your life, you might like to consider making more money. After all, other people have done it and you’re smart and capable. You can make it work.

I think it’s important to become mindful of the fact that all these things are illusions. We live in a complex world that is filled with distractions, and it’s easy to get distracted by the things that are right in front of us.

If you’re not keeping your guard up, you have to learn more quickly. You can’t beat yourself up, but rather feel good about being more aware. Every day, be aware of the best version of yourself and change your current situation. Life isn’t all bad. It’s just that sometimes, we’re living in alignment with our lesser self. We just need to be aware of that and change it.

Throughout your day-to-day life, you might ask yourself: “Is this what my best self would do?” “Would my best self go to this party?” “Would my best self wear that outfit?” “Would they be so concerned about”

Thank you for listening. I love you. I believe in you. Be the best version of yourself because you’re a rock star! You’re awesome! You just forgot, and now you remember, so go do it! I’ll see you soon

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