Why Mandalorian Art was created

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I first drew a mandalorian over 20 years ago and have since created many more. I still have that first drawing of a mandalorian and it is terrible, but the idea stayed with me.

Trying to find out why Mandalorian art was created made me look at all kinds of artwork and what led up to creating Mandalorian art. The question I kept asking myself was “why?”

Why did I draw Mandalorians? Why did any artist create art of this cultural group? What inspired them to do so? Was it for profit? Was it for love of the Mandalorians? But what is the meaning behind Mandalorian art?

Mandalorian Art is a blog dedicated to Mandalorian artwork and the artists who create them. The blog aims to bring together artists, writers, and others involved in the Mandalorian culture in order to further explore the Mandalorians, their history, and their culture.

Travis Johnson, who runs the blog, is an artist who creates video game concept art for a living. He has been working on his own Star Wars fan art for years now and has wanted to start this blog for some time. Travis also runs a second blog dedicated to his video game concept art work called Concept Art World .

The Blogs two main topics of discussion are anything related to Mandalorian Artwork and Video Game Concept Art. Once a week the blogs focus shifts to Video Game Concept art with Travis posting the final results of his work from the week before as well as any new pieces he has completed since. This allows those interested in collecting original artwork to follow along with Travis’s progress as he makes new pieces.

Mandalorian art has been in many forms over the years and I have always enjoyed seeing the different ways that people have created Mandalorian art. The most popular form of mandalorian artwork is Mandalorian tattoos. Other forms of Mandalorian art include Mandalorian action figures, Mandalorian statues, Mandalorian signs and symbols, paintings, Mandalorian masks and helmets, Mandalorian logos, Mandalorian websites and blogs, etc.

I recently noticed a lot of new mandalorian artwork being done and I thought it would be cool to interview some of the artists and give them an opportunity to share their work with other Star Wars fans.**

Mandalorian art is a broad category of visual cultural expression within the Star Wars universe. It encompasses the artistic styles, motifs and imagery used by the Mandalorian people.

Mandalorian art is characterized by its heavy use of geometric shapes and bold, strong colors. Mandalorian artists were also fond of using repeating patterns, especially chevrons and circles.

Mandalorian art is used as decorative elements in armor, buildings, crafts and clothing across Mandalore.*

The background to this blog is that I have been involved in conversations recently about when and why Mandalorian art became so prevalent. What prompted it? What prompted the sudden surge in its popularity? I don’t know the answer but I hope that this blog might provide some answers at least.

In this blog you will find some background on Mandalorian art along with commentary on some of its more popular artists. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to comment on or message me through my contact page.*

The Mandalorian Armor is a cultural icon for many people, like the cowboy hat for Americans or the Samurai armor for Japanese. Mandalorian art and culture is often a favorite subject of artists that enjoy creating Mandalorian themed artworks. As a Mandalorian artist myself I hope to share some of my thoughts on why this theme is so popular, as well as ideas for people that want to make their own mandalorian artwork.


The Mandalorian culture was introduced in the Star Wars prequel movie series. With the development of the new canon, Mandalorian art is beginning to be created by those who appreciate and respect their history.

This blog is a place for artists to share their artwork, as well as a place for others to learn more about their culture. I hope that you will enjoy your stay here.

Hello, and thank you for visiting me. I hope you enjoy reading about the Mando’a language, the Mandalorian people and their culture. This blog is to educate and entertain anyone who is interested in learning about Mandalorian culture. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from Winthrop University. I have also studied the history of language and culture, and learned many different aspects of art and music from my parents, who are both award winning artists. I speak English, Mando’a (the fictional language of the Mandalorians), Spanish and a little French, which I learned during my academic studies.

I’m proud to be a part of this unique culture. The artwork on this blog is original work by myself or other artists that I admire. I encourage any artists out there that are interested in creating Mandalorian art to contact me so we can share our talents with the rest of the Mandalorian community.

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