Where Are You Going For Furniture? How About Around The World

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Where are you going for furniture? How about around the world? A blog about living in different areas of the world and their furniture taste.

Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, it is a part of our home that we can’t live without. We need furniture to sit on, sleep on and eat off. There are so many styles, materials, colors and designs to choose from when shopping for furniture. From traditional to modern, they each have their own look and feel. No matter if your home is decorated in rich mahogany wood or sleek stainless steel appliances you will find something that fits your taste.


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People around the world have different tastes in furniture. This blog will show you beautiful and unique pieces of furniture found all over the world.


1) Furniture Around The World: Where Are You Going For Furniture?

Objects of Desire: Find Furniture Inspired by World Cultures

by Valerie Loughlin

For those who are looking for unique designer furniture, look no further than around the world. With each area having a certain style of furniture, you can find great pieces to fit your current decor or incorporate into a new look.

Tallboy Chest from India

With Indian furniture including metal and brass inlaid furniture and carved wood designs, it is no surprise that this tallboy chest features a metal frame with brass inlay. The top of the chest opens to reveal more storage and intricate carvings on the inside.

Coffee Table from China

This coffee table features a low profile, with a glass top and metal legs that extend upward to support the table. The metal legs also give the piece an industrial feel that will pair well in nearly any decor. And if you’re looking for something with a little more Chinese flair, there are plenty of options!

Cabinet from Italy

Italian furniture often features hand-painted finishes and elaborate carvings on their furniture pieces. This antique cabinet is no different, with intricate carvings around the doors and detailed artwork on either side of the cabinet. For less ornate furniture pieces, there are also

I haven’t seen any pictures yet, but the idea of finding a place around the globe and photographing interesting furniture pieces from that area is very appealing to me. I would love to see what kind of pieces people in Japan or Thailand or India or Central America have purchased for their homes.

Not only is this idea unique, it could also be a great way to discover new, unique pieces for yourself. If you’ve ever wanted to see something that was made in a certain part of the world, this could be a great way to see them!

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