When it comes to Custom Framing, there are a lot of choices to make. Here’s how we put it all together

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When it comes to custom framing, there are a lot of choices to make. Whether you’re looking for the best value, quality or time-saving options, we can help you find what’s right for your project.

When considering custom framing, it’s important to understand that not all custom framing is created equal. Although the process is essentially the same, different companies may use different methods and materials to achieve the same results.

Some custom framers will tell you that a higher price means better quality. That might be true in other industries, but it’s not always the case with custom framing. Some of our customers have been disappointed by cheaper frames they bought online or at hardware stores only to discover that they don’t hold their artwork as firmly as they would like and aren’t as resistant to damage as they had hoped. Our frames are made with museum-quality materials and construction – just like the ones you see in galleries – so they’re more durable than less expensive options.*

For us, customer service is just as important as quality and value. We offer convenient shipping options and we can ship your framed artwork for free when you order from us.*___*

Custom framing can be surprisingly tricky. The common pitfalls of custom framing are discussed either in the same article or in a linked article. The pros and cons of each type of framing is discussed, as well as the ways to avoid them. There are also examples of custom framing gone wrong, with the reasons why they were mistakes.

Some people are turned off by the high price tag that comes with purchasing custom frames, but should it really cost so much? Perhaps not! If you know what you’re getting into, then you know how to avoid being taken advantage of. This blog spells out how to get the best deal on custom framing.

Trying to figure out how much a customized frame for artwork will cost? Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! Deciding whether or not to buy a frame for an artwork is never easy, especially since there are so many options available today. With this article, you’ll learn about some different types of frames and what they can do for your artwork.

When it comes to art display and art hanging , there are a lot of decisions to make, which is why we created this blog all about custom framing! We hope that this information helps you make better choices when it comes to

These days, it’s easy to find a picture frame on the web. But what about custom framing? Ordering online is convenient and easy, but there’s something to be said for having your frame expertly designed and built by a local business in your neighborhood. So we thought we’d take a moment to explain the difference between custom framing and ready-made options.

Custom framing is a sophisticated and thoughtful process, and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options. So we’ve broken down the process into three easy steps that will help you along your way to creating a masterpiece of your own.

First, you’ll need to decide what kind of frame you want for your art: Solid wood, metal or composite? Then move on to choosing materials such as glass, plexiglass or mats. Finally, select from hundreds of options in color, texture and style to make a statement that’s all your own.

You’re looking for a great piece of art to display in your home or office, but you don’t necessarily want to buy an expensive original. You’re also not looking to spend a lot on the frame either. In fact, the whole process seems like it would be tricky and time consuming.

You’re right about it being time consuming. There are more choices when it comes to custom framing than there are when you simply walk into a store and buy a standard-sized frame. But, as it turns out, custom framing can also be cheaper than buying pre-made frames that aren’t quite what you want. And as far as quality, custom framing is higher quality than the pre-made variety even if you pay full price because much of what you pay for is labor. Let us explain:

Welcome to South Carolina and the world of fine art framing. There are a number of choices to make when creating your own custom frame. The most important being the choice of materials used to construct your frame.

At Frame Right Gallery, our primary focus is on the customer and their needs. We have an extensive selection of materials that allow us to create a frame for any style or budget. We also offer several options in matting that allow you to further customize your frame. Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide what will work for you and your art piece, as well as take care of all the measurements, cutting and detail work that goes into creating the perfect frame for your artwork.

Did you know that Frame Right Gallery has been voted Best Custom Framer by Creative Loafing? Read more here

*The above post has been updated March 2015.*

We get asked a lot of questions about framing, so we decided to create a blog where people can read up on the answers. It’s a great resource for anyone wondering about custom framing vs. no-assembly-required frames, matting options, and more. We hope you find it helpful!

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