What Sort of Artist are You? There are over 100 classifications!

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Many people don’t realize how many different kinds of artists there are! There are even more kinds of artists than there are stars in the night sky. Some artists are good at drawing. Others specialize in sculpture, or music, or computer art, and so on.

Trying to find your place among them can be challenging. You might think you’re a person who is good at art, but what kind of artist are you? There are over 100 different kinds of artists!

What sort of artist are you?

The question seems to be really important to all of us, so I’ve decided to help you answer it by providing you with a fun, easy-to-navigate chart. You can look yourself up and see what you are. Maybe it will help you understand yourself better or maybe it will help you understand your friends and family. Either way, I think we can all agree that knowing who we are and where we belong is something we all need.

I’ve compiled this chart for the purpose of helping people find out their own type of artist, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other reasons for making it. I enjoy the act of making a thing and the process of coming up with a title for it. I also like the idea that maybe you might find this chart useful in some way. Maybe you’re on Pinterest and someone is looking at an image and they say, “What kind of artist is this?” And then they click on the link and read my page, which says: “An emoji artist.” And then when they’re done reading my page they go back to looking at the picture and they say, “Oh yeah! This person is an emoji artist!” And then they want to know more about emoji art

After painting for twenty years I realized: what sort of artist am I? After struggling with this question I’ve come to understand that there are different types of artists. Not just different mediums or styles but rather, very distinct categories or classes.

Trying to figure out how to label myself as an artist was kind of a revelation. I realized that there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to art and artists and the world of expression.

Art is not a one-size-fits-all thing and neither are artists. It doesn’t matter if you choose media that are considered “high” or “low,” your work can still be beautiful, moving and meaningful.

I wanted to share my experiences with other artists here and make clear that we’re all in this together! We all have our own stories, our own definitions of success, our own opinions on what it takes to be an artist. And that’s just great!

I hope you’ll take some time to check out the site, leave a comment and maybe even contribute an article about what it means to be a *insert type of artist here.*

Emoji art is the new way to express your feelings through picture messages. Emojis can be used to tell someone you are thinking of them, or just to make a funny statement.

So what sort of artist are you? Do you have thousands of emojis in your phone? Does your boyfriend/girlfriend know your favorite emoji? Do you use it all the time? Do you have a friend that uses it so much that people think its them? Or do you not even use them at all!?

Maybe this will help answer some questions. Here is a list of different types of artists:

The Artist – These are the people who start using them because they are “in” and then they keep going on with it because they like how they look when they use them. They usually only use one or two but would like to expand their collection.

They also tend to post about their artwork on social media sites for everyone to see. The Artist will always have their phone with them and text anyone who uses emojis so that they can show off their artwork.

The Collector – This person has over 100 emojis in their phone. They don’t really use any but would hate if someone took them away from them or thought they didn’t

I am a professional artist who has been working with the many different kinds of art for over 10 years. I have a degree in graphic design, which means I’m really good at designing your art with the right look and feel.

I am now starting to focus on the many different kinds of artists who use my services. I love creating graphics that are unique to you, and I want to know more about you so I can do just that. I’m asking all of my customers to submit their answers to these questions, so we can learn more about our different types of artists.

Artists are artists, whether they create with paint or words. Some art is more spontaneous, some more deliberate. Some art is cerebral, some visceral. Some is created for the sake of the art itself and some serves a purpose beyond itself.

Trying to categorize artists into types can be reassuring, since it lets us feel connected to others who share our approach to art. Artists have special names for each other, depending on what kind of artist they are: “realist,” “abstract expressionist,” “surrealist.” Sometimes they use these terms derisively, in an attempt to deny the validity of other approaches to art. But there’s no reason why these kinds of divisions have to be divisive.

The problem comes when we try to fit ourselves into just one category; when we forget that all artists are really doing the same thing—having a conversation with the rest of us about what matters most.

We may not be poets if we write only for ourselves; but if our writing brings joy only to ourselves, then it’s not poetry either.

I’m sure you’ve seen the movie _Inside Out_, and if you haven’t, go do that right now. After you’re done, come back…

This is a fun activity can be used in multiple ways depending on your students’ needs. It’s great for revision or as part of a lesson on emotions. You could also use it to introduce a unit on art or even just to get some writing practice!

There are 6 different sections to this activity:

– Painting with Emoji – Using Emojis to create visual art – Emoji Poetry – Writing About Emotions – Writing About Yourself Using Emojis – Writing an Emoji Haiku

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