What Makes Scenic Wall Decals Different? And the Six Ways to Choose The Best Decal for your space

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Scenic wall decals and scenic removable wall art have become increasingly popular in recent years. This form of art has gained popularity because it is very easy to install, easily removed without damaging your walls, and can be reused or repositioned multiple times. If you have yet to consider using this type of art in your home, however, you may be wondering what makes scenic wall decals different from a regular painting or print.

TATOOMED offers a variety of scenic removable wall art, so we understand the differences between these products. Here are six different ways to choose the best scenic wall decal for your space:

1. Cost

Scenic wall decals are generally less expensive than prints and other forms of traditional artwork. The reason for this is that they are made from vinyl, which is a synthetic material that is cheap to make. While prints can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a large piece, scenic wall decals tend to be much more affordable.

2. Easy Installation

These types of decals are also quite easy to install on your walls without needing any help from a professional or spending hours upon hours trying to create a flawless look yourself. You can apply them yourself within minutes using a wet cloth and some soap as long as

“What makes scenic wall decals different?” This is a question that you may be asking yourself if you are looking for the right wall decorating ideas, but aren’t sure what to buy.

Sure, there are plenty of other options out there, but why should you choose scenic wall decals? Well, the answer isn’t going to be one hundred percent clear cut. There are a lot of factors involved and it’s going to come down to personal preference. But, I might be able to help you figure out why scenic wall decals are worth considering.

Thing is, there are six major things that make scenic wall decals different compared to other kinds of wall decorations:

1) Different styles and sizes

2) Multiple uses for the same design

3) Durability and longevity

4) Versatility in where they can be placed in your home or office

5) Eco-friendly designs

6) Inexpensive pricing

There are many different types of decorative wall decals that you can use. You will want to think about your needs and the look that you want to achieve with your wall decor before you make a purchase. Scenic wall decals are good for setting a mood in any room.

If you are looking for the right wall decal, then it is important that you know what makes them different. Decorative wall decals come in many styles and designs, and they can be made with different materials. The best way to find the right one for you is to consider what style works best with your home as well as what type of adhesive is used on the decal.

You will want to choose a good adhesive on your wall decal so that it stays on the wall for a long period of time. This means that you don’t have to worry about it falling off the wall or peeling up from the surface upon which it is applied. There are many different types of adhesives, but some work better than others depending on what material is used for the design itself. Those that come in vinyl or plastic tend to stick more strongly to the surface, but some of them fall off more easily than others do.

Wall decals can be any size, shape, colour and design that you want to make your business or home different. These wall stickers are a great way to personalize any space without having to spend a fortune doing it.

Before you go out and buy anything, there are a few things that you should do. You want to make sure that you find the right decal for your needs and also that it is going to look good in your space. Here are 6 tips on how to choose the best wall decal based on your needs:

1) Decide what you will use it for.

There are many different kinds of decals available. A few of the more common ones include wall stickers, wall quotes, wall art and car decals. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks so knowing why you want it will help you decide which one is best for you. Our blog about choosing wall art describes some of their benefits and drawbacks as well as how to know what size will fit best in your space.

2) Determine the size of wall art decal you need.

After deciding what kind of car decal or wall art decal you want, the next step is to determine what size will work best in your space. The most

If you are having a hard time finding wall decals that are just right for your space, then you are not alone. Many people worry about how they will fit the right decal into their space. But the fact is that there are many different ways to go about it.

Trying to find the right wall decal can end up being frustrating, especially when you only have one area that you want to put it in. Many times, people will end up going with traditional wallpaper because they do not know how else to go about it. But there are other options available to you and if you think about what you really need from this kind of decorating option, it becomes much easier to choose the best decal for your space.


A lot of people think of wall decals as being something that the kids will like because of the bright colors and fun designs. This is one reason why many parents like these kinds of decorations for their children’s rooms. And while this is true, there are also plenty of other reasons why most any kind of room can benefit from using these kinds of decals as well. Some people like them because they provide an easy way to lighten up a room while still allowing them to keep things looking elegant at the same time

There are many factors to take into account when you want to buy wall decals- the size of the space you want to decorate, your budget range, and the number of people that will be in the space are just a few. So how do you choose which wall decals are best for your needs?

Wall decals are made from either vinyl or fabric that have been cut into specific shapes and sizes. Vinyl is a slightly more durable material but is not as flexible as fabric since it does not stretch. Vinyl can easily be removed from most walls without damaging the paint or wall paper behind it. Fabric is a softer, more natural material and has the ability to stretch, making it easier to apply to curved surfaces. Both materials come in many colors and styles, allowing you to find just what you need for any room in your home!

TIP 1: What is the Size of the Space?

VINYL: If you are looking for something that will fit a large area on one flat surface (for example a long hallway), vinyl is probably best for you. Vinyl comes in several different sizes ranging from 12″ x 10′ all the way up to 30″ x 20′. Most vinyl’s designs can also be mirrored depending on how they were intended to

We’ve all seen them. From the corner of our eye we catch a glimpse of something that looks like a real painting, but when we turn to look at it, it’s gone.

It’s disappeared from sight because it was really an intricately designed wall decal, or wall sticker.

Wall stickers are a fantastic and budget-friendly alternative to paintings and other types of wall art for your home or business. They can be applied to any interior surface that isn’t too rough or porous and are great for almost any application: in the nursery, on your walls in your living space, in your office, even on your ceiling! They are perfect for renters who find themselves unable to make permanent changes to their living space since they can be easily removed without damaging the walls. Wall stickers come in a variety of designs and styles and can be used to create any kind of design you’d like!

You can also mix and match different designs in order to give your space more dimension and allow each piece to blend more seamlessly with your other decor. Just make sure they’re applied correctly so they’ll stay on the wall long-term!

We’ve got 6 tips that will help you choose the best wall decals for your space:

1. Make sure you select

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