What is College Really Like? A blog that compares what highschool and college are like.

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You are currently viewing What is College Really Like? A blog that compares what highschool and college are like.

This blog is intended to give a better idea of what college and university are like, so that people can make more informed decisions about whether they want to go, and how they want to prepare for it.

There are two key ways that high school is different from college. First, in high school you don’t have to do very much work. College is the other way around: your classes are harder, but you have less homework. Second, in high school you learn about history and geography and science and math; in college you get to use them on real problems.

Toughness of classes is not quite the same thing as difficulty of homework. In college you also have a lot more freedom to choose your own schedule and workload; so it’s possible to have a tough class with easy homework, or an easy class with tough homework. And if you’re really evil you can take a tough class with tough homework!

In this blog I’ll try to give examples of the different types of tasks that students get asked to do in these three areas:

– Learning things (e.g., learning chemistry)

– Doing things (e.g., working on projects)

– Thinking things (e.g., doing mathematics or writing essays)


I’ve got some bad news for you. College is not like high school, at least not in the way that most people think. If you’re going to college with the idea that you’ll be getting out of it what your high school experience provided, you’re in for a shock.

But before I get into what college really is like, let’s talk about how it’s different from high school.

The first thing that’s different is that college is much more of an intellectual environment than high school.

In high school, you have classes and you have teachers and you have some sort of curriculum: a list of things teachers are supposed to teach. You know that it doesn’t always happen this way–for example, I was never taught anything about linguistics–but there is at least a structure to the classes and the teachers are mostly responsible for it.

College is different from this because there’s no curriculum: no one tells the teachers what they should teach or students what they should learn. The result is that professors can do whatever they want: they can teach whatever they want and they can grade however they want–and often they do both these things badly.

Another big difference between high school and college: in high school, everyone knows what everyone else

This blog is written by a high school student who has just started college and is comparing it to what she learned about it in high school. It’s a good example of an interview that highlights the differences between two perspectives, in this case the perspective of someone starting college and someone who has already been there for a year.

Tone is professional. The blog features a large number of references to academic papers on the subject so the writer is clearly very knowledgeable on the topic. However, there are some informal elements like the inclusion of images and infrequent use of more personal pronouns like “I” or “me.”

This blog aims to give you an idea of what college is really like. We hope that it will help both high school students who are thinking about going to college, and college students who will be able to look back on their experience and laugh about it.

We know that the subject matter can be a little extreme at times, but we believe that it’s better to present the reality than sugarcoat it. That’s why there will be pictures of drug-induced accidents, and stories of hazing, crazy roommates, crazy professors and all kinds of other craziness.

My name is Dan and I want people to know that I am a student at Virginia Tech. I wanted to share with you my experiences so far with college life. I’ll try to keep everything as honest as possible so don’t expect to see anything too positive or negative on this site because if I did there wouldn’t be much point in this site at all.

So thanks for visiting my blog and please feel free to add comments!**

It is a common belief that college life is less stressful and more fun than high school. This post compares the two to determine if this belief is true.


College is a time for new and exciting experiences. Whether it be meeting new people, discovering new interests or trying out a new sport. College allows one to be exposed to a world of new opportunities that they may have never known existed. High school, on the other hand, can be a very intense environment, where students are expected to achieve at top performance levels in order to get into good colleges, while also balancing extracurricular activities and relationships with friends and family.

The majors that you choose in college may not only effect your future career but also your social circle as well. In high school you are surrounded by peers who share similar interests with you, making it easier to make friends, but in college you are surrounded by students who have different interests from you, which can lead to difficult friendships.

While many students see themselves having their first drink in college, others choose not too because they do not feel ready for the responsibility or may not agree with the act of drinking alcohol at a young age. This concept is commonly referred to as “Skipping out on the party scene.” While this

I’ve been thinking about how to write this blog for the past week. I’m still not sure if I know what I want it to be about, but I do know that I want to share my experience with others who are curious about college life.

Trying to figure out what to write has been extremely difficult. College is such a broad topic that I don’t even know where to begin.

College is like being in high school on super-steroids. It’s like every cliche you’ve ever heard of, and then some. You could spend your entire time at college either doing academics or partying, and still only scratch the surface of what it really is or could be. 

I have no clue what I’m going to do with this blog yet, but it seems like a good idea right now, so there you go.

College is incredibly fun. It’s much more enjoyable than high school. You have access to all the resources you need to be successful, and it’s easy to make friends. You don’t need to worry about grades anymore because they don’t matter as much.

You can pick your own classes and make your own schedule, allowing you to focus on subjects you love. And you don’t have a bunch of stupid rules that won’t let you have fun.

But college is also very stressful and hard. There are so many things you’re supposed to do, but no one tells you how. There are a lot of students who are just as lost as you are, so it can be hard to figure out what to do and where to go for help. Because there’s so much freedom, there’s also a lot of competition among students for spots on sports teams and at parties. And if you aren’t really academically-inclined, then the pressure can be overwhelming because all of your friends will be leaving after freshman year and there won’t be many other people in your classes with the same outlook as you do.*

College is an amazing experience overall, but it varies from person to person depending on whether or not they like being in an environment with tons of

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