What Do I Need To Begin Painting? A blog on purchasing art materials.

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You are currently viewing What Do I Need To Begin Painting? A blog on purchasing art materials.

So, what do you need in order to start painting? 

First, you need an idea. You can start with an existing photograph or painting and try to paint it from memory. 

Second, you will need some kind of drawing surface. This can be done on paper or canvas, and in this blog I will be talking about both. 

Third, you’ll need brushes. 

Fourth, you’ll need paints and mediums. It’s fine to use artist grade paints at first (they’re inexpensive), but you may want to upgrade later on. 

Fifth, get a palette. You can use paper plates at first, but eventually you should get a real one. 

Sixth, get a pencil and ruler or tape measurer. 

Seventh, get a sketchbook that is big enough for your largest paintings, and keep it near your work area.

Anyone who wants to be an artist needs art supplies. There are several different ways for a person to make his or her way in the world as an artist. It is important to recognize that all of these methods require extremely high quality art supplies.

Trying to create pieces of art with low quality materials will not make someone a better artist. In fact, it may have the opposite effect. If a person is trying to learn how to paint with bad quality art supplies, they may become disillusioned and quit.

The most important thing to remember when purchasing art supplies is that price does not mean quality. Often, an expensive product will break down before a cheaper product would have. A person needs high quality art supplies, regardless of how much they cost.

If a person is just beginning their artistic career, they are going to need some good starter materials. If they want to be able to paint on their own, they are going to need a canvas and some paint. If they want to learn how to draw, then they are going to need some pencils and paper.

A canvas can be made from many different kinds of material. The cheapest type of canvas is made from cotton or linen cloth that has been glued together with animal glue, or with synthetic glues

Lets pretend I’m a painter who is getting ready to paint. I’ve got an idea for a painting and I’ve picked out a canvas that has nice texture and a good weight. I’ve chosen my brushes, and even have the perfect palette knife. Now what do I need? My supplies!

All of these things can be found in art supply stores (like Jerry’s Artarama or DickBlick) or online on places like Amazon.com. You’ll find that most of what you need are relatively inexpensive and will last you for years!

Paper – Paper is really important when it comes to painting. You could use regular printer paper but it would be very difficult to work with . You’re much better off using printer paper that has been cut into smaller pieces (easier to handle). No matter what size piece of paper you use, make sure it’s acid free so the colors won’t deteriorate over time.

Tape – There are many different types of tape good for holding your paper down when you’re painting; masking tape, scotch tape, painter’s tape, blue painters tape, etc. Any kind will do as long as it won’t leave a residue on your surface (which can cause paint to not stick).

Painting is a popular pastime, and therefore supplies for the activity can be found in many places. However, supplies for painting can also be purchased at art supply stores. Painter’s Supply Stores provide everything an artist needs to create a work of art, including art supplies such as brushes and paint.

Such stores are invaluable to artists since they offer items that are often not available anywhere else. They can also help artists select the right supplies and techniques to create masterpieces. If you’re looking for an art store near you, we’ve made it easy by creating an online directory that lists local art supply stores in your area.

Trying to decide which art store is right for you? Click here to find out how to choose the right art supply store!

Whether you want to learn how to paint or just want to add some new tools and paints to your current collection, there’s no better place than an art supply store. Our directory will make finding the perfect one for you a breeze!

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy some paints. You know what mediums you want to use and maybe you even have an idea of what colors. So, where do you begin? That’s what this article is for.

In my experience, painters need four things: a decent work surface, some brushes, a palette and storage. I’ll go over each one of these individually to help you figure out where to spend your hard-earned money.

First off, painting surfaces are a matter of preference. Some people like to paint on wood panels; others prefer Masonite or Gator board because it’s smooth and easy to clean up. My preference is metal (either aluminum or steel). The reason I like metal is that it’s stiffer than wood and less prone to warping. Plus, if you don’t want the painting anymore (or if it’s really bad), you can recycle the metal for scrap!

Second, brushes are pretty straight-forward. You’ll want at least two sizes: a small brush for details and a larger brush for general washes. I recommend synthetic brushes because they’re easier to clean (just throw them in the dishwasher) but traditional sable brushes are fine too if that’s your preference.


My preferred size is 7×5.5 inches, but I can work with almost any size as long as it’s not too small or too large. A larger size might appear a little strange, since I paint in a very detailed manner.


I’m happy to paint on any tone of canvas that you prefer, please leave a note in the comments during checkout with your color preference!

Canvas Quality

I use only the best quality canvas and stretcher bars to ensure that your painting arrives in perfect condition and stays beautiful for many years to come.

Color Accuracy

I’m human, so there may be a slight variation in color between what you see on your monitor and what I’ve actually painted. If you’re concerned about color accuracy, you’re welcome to purchase a swatch sample before ordering. The swatches are free of charge if purchased with a painting.*

How To Order

Once you’ve decided on your size, subject, and color, simply add the painting to your cart and proceed to checkout. It’s that easy!*

To be a great painter, you need three things:

One is talent. No one can argue with that. If you do not have the natural ability to paint, no amount of money or help or good advice will make you into a great painter.

You also need to work hard at your craft. Talent without hard work is like an engine without fuel: it might exist, but in that case you won’t go anywhere. In fact, if you have the talent but don’t work hard, you’ll get the same results as someone who has neither talent nor hard work. So the second requirement–hard work–is at least equally important as talent.

Thing number three–and this one is more fun than the first two–is imagination. If you’re going to create something new and great, you’re going to have to use your imagination and your artistic skill.

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