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How do you tell your wedding guests about the comic artist you want to invite? You can’t put a picture of the artist on the invitation, because that might offend someone. If you put a picture of the artist in front of his drawing desk, that implies he is a comic artist. But if your friend is not a comic artist, why would you invite him to your wedding?

Like many comic artists, I have been asked to design a wedding invitation. I am flattered by the requests, because they imply that my work has some artistic merit. But I do not think it does; comic art is inherently undignified. To make something dignified, you need to add extra layers of meaning—which usually just get in the way.

The reason for this is that a comic artist works with a very limited set of tools: panels, text balloons, and wordless symbols. The symbols are simple and crude—a circle denotes a head, an X must mean dead. The simplest drawing possible would just be one symbol after another: [O][X][X][O].[/b]

Wedding invitations typically use elaborate fonts and calligraphy which seem to me like hard work for no purpose; it takes the same amount of time to write the information whether you do it with elegant curlicues or a simple typeface. That’s why I like comics: they are easy and fun.

But there is one thing comic art can do that no other art can duplicate: you can include yourself in the story. Comic artists have done this from the beginning of the art form, but instead of just showing themselves in their natural

The comic artist was drawing a picture of a man and woman on a wedding day. The woman is standing in front of the man and she is smiling, but he is not looking at her. Instead, he is looking down, holding her ring finger in his hand, and he seems to be in thought.

The comic artist did not know why the couple was getting married or how long the marriage would last. He did draw the picture. He drew it for money. He drew it for other people to see, even though no one would see it except people who were getting married and people who knew them well enough to know what they looked like on their wedding day.

The couple told the comic artist they wanted him to draw their faces. They said they wanted him to draw their hands holding hands as well. They said they wanted him to draw a ring with a diamond in it. And they said they wanted him to draw their expressions on that day right before they were married.

The comic artist drew the picture, and then he mailed it away so someone else could look at it and think about what it meant that two people had decided that this was a good time to get married.

I’m getting married this summer, and I want to make the invitations myself.

I know: it sounds incredibly nerdy. But it’s also incredibly cool. I’ve always been a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy literature, especially hard sci-fi and space opera. I also have a fascination for outer space and astronomy. The image on the left is one that a friend of mine created for me as a wedding invitation for our wedding this summer. I thought that it would be nice to have something that was an homage to both art and science, so I asked him if he would mind making something similar to the image above with the theme being space travel and moon art. He was more than happy to create something new!

I wanted to do some research into how people went about creating moon art images, so I went ahead and searched on google images “moon art” or “moon graphics” or “space travel”. There were a ton of images that came up, but none of them were specifically what I wanted. So I decided that after doing some research, I would give my friend free reign in creating something very similar to what you see on the left!

A comic artist is someone who creates comics, which are types of stories that include visual elements. A story is a series of related events and could be written in the form of a novel or poem. Comics, on the other hand, include both words and pictures to convey the story.

The profession of a comic artist is not a common one. Most people tend to think that only children enjoy comics. As a result, there are few professionals from this field who draw comics for adults as well as for kids. If you want to be the next Rene Goscinny or Carl Barks, perhaps you should consider this career option.

When you are invited to a wedding, do you know what you’re supposed to give? If you don’t, read on.

If I am invited to the wedding of someone I know only casually, like a co-worker’s daughter or an acquaintance from high school, I usually send a card and a check. The card should be addressed to “The Bride and Groom,” or something similar if the couple has announced a different last name for themselves. The check should be for an appropriate amount: $50-$100 seems right for a co-worker’s daughter, $100-$150 for an acquaintance from high school. (Obviously if they’ve had their wedding already you can give whatever you want at that point.) I don’t bring anything more elaborate than that unless I’m very close to the bride or groom.

Important note: if you live in rural America, this is not true. You should ask me first. The right gift in rural America is either a basket of local produce or homemade preserves with directions for how to use them; this is true even for casual acquaintances of mine there.**

If I am invited to the wedding of someone I know well, like one of my wife’s friends from college, then I send a small gift along with the

The two of us are getting married on the moon. We’re setting up a base camp there, and since it will be in the dark half of the month, we’ll be able to see the stars. We don’t know how many people will want to come with us—we’re inviting our families and close friends—but the space agencies are co-sponsoring it, so we can send up to several dozen people. We’ve chosen this date, which is about a year from now, because it’s supposed to be a really good eclipse of Jupiter.

* We’ve hired an artist to come with us, and he’ll paint the eclipse as it happens. He’s also arranged for some of his colleagues to fly drones over the eclipse. The drones will be following patterns that he has worked out: birds in flight and things like that. But he plans to do most of his work after everyone else has gone back down to Earth, when he’ll have more time and fewer distractions.

* Because we’re only sending one artist (whose name is [name] and you can find his work online), we can’t get him a separate ticket; he’ll have to share a bunk with someone else in the group. That will be awkward at times, but we

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