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Urban Art is a team of creative professionals of many disciplines who love to share our knowledge and experiences with our community. We are designers, painters, engineers, technicians, teachers and many more curious and skilled people all focused on the same goal: creating art, by any means necessary.

The blog contains our work in progress, tutorials and useful resources for the urban artist. The mission of Urban Art is to show that you can use your creativity to make a difference in your local community as well as raising awareness about graffiti culture by showing its potential to be used for positive social change. We aim to do so by sharing our techniques, providing tutorials and being an open forum for discussion about the artform itself and its legitimacy.

Our mantra: “Sketch, Paint, Engineer”, drives us towards this goal by encouraging people to develop their skills in each of these areas. Our main goals are for people who are interested in graffiti or street art culture generally to learn more about it from a practical standpoint, that is from the design side; but not just in terms of simple paintwork but also through 3D work such as installing structural elements like doorframes or gates. By learning how to incorporate simple features into

Urban Art is a collective of architects and designers who share a common passion for urban development. We are at the forefront of the sustainability movement, promoting green architecture in our day-to-day activities.

Urban Art has a unique approach to development and construction: we want to make it easier for everyone to create their own spaces, and we believe that sustainable architecture not only helps in creating a better world for all of us, but also enriches the lives of its owners by providing a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Tired of mainstream architecture? So are we! That’s why we are determined to develop new approaches to construction and urban design that will change the way people think about city planning.

It’s not every day you get to work with an artist like Kevin Ledo. With a career spanning more than fifteen years, Kevin has truly mastered his craft, and has been featured in numerous publications and on television shows such as MTV Cribs, Pimp My Ride, and the Sundance Channel’s Iconoclast. Recently, he was chosen by Discovery Channel’s Planet Green for their Green Artist feature, highlighting his commitment to working only with sustainable materials.

Tate Modern in London hosted his most recent major retrospective in 2007. Perhaps you’ve seen him on display at a gallery or shop near you? Urban Art is thrilled to have Kevin as our first featured artist.

Kevin also offers classes and workshops at Urban Art and at the Urban Art School in downtown Los Angeles. You can learn more about Kevin Ledo and see some of his work at www.kevinledo.com or www.urbanaudioart.com .

We are very excited to welcome this incredibly talented artist to our blog! And we’re glad that he is sharing with us his passion for art!

Urban Art is a group of artists that were brought together by the love of their art. Each member of U.T.A has his or her own individual style and in the long run, their styles blend together to create a master piece of art.  We are located in the south side of Chicago and we have been around for about four years. We make sure that we keep up with the latest styles and trends so that our customers can receive quality art for there money. We take pride on our cleanliness as well as our punctuality, this helps us to continue to grow in this industry. “Urban Art”

Urban Art is a company that helps the artist and designer to start their career in the graffiti painting world. We provide a wide range of services ranging from graffiti art classes, graffiti tours, graffiti wall locations and more. We have worked with hundreds of artists and clients worldwide.

Urban Art was founded by two professional graffiti writers in 2008. Our mission is to help urban artists, designers and clients to find their way in the graff world.

We focus our efforts in two main areas of design, Art and Engineering. We are a small company comprised of highly-talented and passionate people who are dedicated to our clients, our work and the community.

We believe that creativity is unlimited and that we can find the perfect solution for your business and personal needs.

We take great pride in what we do, not just because it is our job, but because we are building a legacy for generations to come. We look to solve problems that have not been solved before and with each new project, we become more experienced, more confident and more efficient.

We have experience working with residential and commercial customers throughout Northern California. Our team has worked with clients ranging from local artists to Fortune 500 companies. We work hard to ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the final result.

The Urban Art project is a collaboration between scientists and the public to create interactive art that transforms cities.

Urban Art is a series of projects using technology to transform public spaces by combining art, science, and urban space. Urban Art combines the inspiration of graffiti with the functionality of interactive infrastructures.

The first Urban Art installation is a large scale interactive wall on which users can sketch their own graffiti designs. The wall itself is an interface between the physical and digital worlds. It senses the user’s motions and allows them to draw “on” the wall.

The Urban Art wall was designed in collaboration with scientists from Queen Mary University London, who provided technical expertise to make it work, and artists from Urban Creators, who designed and built it.”

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