We offer Alex Grey artwork and prints. We are leaders in the wholesale of Alex Grey art, wall art, and prints.

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You are currently viewing We offer Alex Grey artwork and prints. We are leaders in the wholesale of Alex Grey art, wall art, and prints.

Alex Grey art is unique, powerful, and evocative. Whether you are looking for Alex Grey posters, Alex Grey paintings, Alex Grey signed art prints or even Alex Grey canvas art, we have a huge selection of original Alex Grey artwork at the lowest prices. We are proud to offer some of the rarest and most sought after pieces by Alex Grey.

Trying to find the right piece of Alex Grey wall art for your home or office? Our collection contains an outstanding variety of styles including abstract and contemporary oil paintings as well as surrealism and other types of fascinating art from famous artists. You’ll also find a wide range of subjects from nature scenes to serene and peaceful depictions of people in our large inventory of Alex Grey artwork.

The images in this collection reflect the artist’s fascination with the spirit and structure of matter, the intersection points between science and spirituality, and the balance between chaos and order. If you are looking for something truly unique for your space then you can trust that you will find it here at World Art Gallery. Shop with us today!

In this section, we will study the work of Alex Grey. In addition to his artwork and prints, you can also purchase his books and DVDs.

Alex Grey’s main topics in his art are love, relationships, sexuality, self-development and spirituality. Alex Grey was born on July 7, 1953 in Boston Massachusetts. His father was a dentist and his mother was a homemaker. The family lived in Lexington Massachusetts where Alex grew up.**

We offer Alex Grey paintings and prints for sale online. We also offer Alex Grey shirts and Alex Grey t-shirts . His works have been published in many books and magazines including Rolling Stone Magazine, Spin Magazine, Wired Magazine, Details Magazine, Billboard Magazine, New Age Journal and many more.**

**We ship to international destinations such as United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and all over the world!**

Alex Grey is an American visionary artist and author. He is best known for his colored spiritual images and paintings depicting interconnectivity of the body, mind, and spirit. His work has been reproduced in hundreds of books, magazines, websites, and album covers. Alex Grey’s artwork has been featured in museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, The National Gallery in Washington DC, the Denver Art Museum, The Berkeley Art Museum and more.

One of his most famous paintings is called “Theologue”, a portrayal of the sacred anatomy of a human form, composed of numerous smaller images within itself (including many copies of itself) that are all connected by swirling energy forms. He has a book about it called Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey .

Alex Grey is currently featured in a touring art exhibition entitled “Sacred Mirrors”. This exhibition is a collection from his book Sacred Mirrors as well as new works created especially for this exhibit. In addition to these paintings we also offer prints from his other works including Spectrum Suite, Transfiguration and Nature Of Mind. Alex Grey’s art has been reproduced on posters, calendars & postcards. We also carry a large selection of Tibetan Singing Bowls with etched designs by Alex Grey

A major art exhibit of Alex Grey’s work is being planned for the fall of 2016 by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA. The exhibit will feature 15 years of Alex Grey artwork and will run from October 1, 2016 through January 8, 2017. The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston, MA is one of the largest museums in the country. It has a collection of over 450,000 works and receives about 1.5 million visitors annually.

Titled “Alex Grey: Sacred Mirrors,” the exhibit will be showcasing large-scale paintings from his acclaimed series, as well as smaller works created especially for this event. The Sacred Mirrors series consists of intricate paintings which detail a plethora of spiritual symbols and sacred imagery from various cultures and religions around the world.

The Sacred Mirrors began in 1974 when Alex Grey was diagnosed with a brain tumor which resulted in him spending two years bedridden at home. During that time he created a series of paintings which were inspired by visions he had while undergoing radiation therapy – visions which he describes as “the wellsprings of human experience.”

In this way, Grey’s work explores themes such as the nature of consciousness and reality; God, the universe, and humankind; death and rebirth; sexuality;

Alex Grey was born in 1953 in New York City. As a child, he was fascinated by the occult, anthropology, and world religions. He was a voracious reader and spent countless hours poring over the books in his parents’ extensive library. At the age of 13, he discovered the writings of Carl Jung, whose theories would later play a profound role in his life’s work.

Towards the end of high school, Alex began to study at the School of Visual Arts and developed an interest in psychedelic art under the influence of his friends Michael Bowen and Jim Faulds. He made his first major painting while on a high dose of LSD. After graduating from college with honors, he moved to Boston to attend graduate school at Harvard University. He soon dropped out to pursue graduate studies at the Massachusetts College of Art where he took LSD with Timothy Leary before class on several occasions.

In 1976 he married artist Allyson Grey and they moved to New York City where they experimented heavily with psychedelics and conducted many spiritual experiments together. In 1980 Alex began creating full-time, working only for himself and not for clients or galleries. In 1984 he wrote The Secret Chief Revealed, an illustrated book about his psychedelic experiences with Dr. Oscar Janiger and others

Alex Grey (born November 29, 1953) is an American visionary artist, author and teacher whose metaphysical paintings have been informing and inspiring audiences for more than 30 years.

His artwork has been featured in galleries and museums all over the world, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the National Gallery of Canada. His work has also been featured in numerous group shows, including at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York City and the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. He has been part of several invitational group shows at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore and was part of a traveling exhibit called The Sacred Mirror: Visionary Art from Around the World.

Grey created artwork for the rock band Tool’s album 10,000 Days. His artwork is also prominently displayed throughout the band’s music video collection that accompanied their release. In 2004 Grey created all of the album art for Tool’s DVD collection that accompanied their live CD Ænima on vinyl record.

For his efforts he was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Recording Package.

Grey’s paintings have been published as posters several times since 1995 with editions by the Franklin Mint (1995), Blue Q (1999), DeviantART (2013

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