Visiting Grayson Perry in NYC? A Guide to His Shows and Exhibits

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Grayson Perry is widely regarded as one of the most influential British artists of the present day. His art can be displayed in galleries, museums, and exhibitions around the world. If you are planning a trip to New York City and want to know about the Grayson Perry art exhibits that will be available for viewing, here is some information about his shows and exhibits.

Touring Grayson Perry Art Shows

Perry’s works are showcased in different ways at each of his exhibits. Here are some of the ways you can see his work:

–His earlier works were mostly made up of ceramic vases featuring images of female figures and were often shown at Tate Britain.

His more recent work features tapestries and drawings and can be seen on display at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.

–He has also been featured in a series of exhibits called “All Man” at the Saatchi Gallery in London. These exhibits feature various portraits that focus on masculinity. Here are some other exhibits that Grayson Perry has taken part in:

–He was among several artists to take part in an exhibit called “The Missing Piece Meets the Big O,” which took place at The Hayward Gallery in London between November 2010 and January 2011. It focused on art that could not be shown

I have not yet seen his exhibit. But here is a picture of one of his artworks, with some information on how to see his exhibit.

I love the idea of bringing art to people who otherwise wouldn’t experience it. It’s great that such an artist as Grayson Perry can create art and help people understand it in their everyday lives.

Perry’s message does not stop there, though. He also makes a point about how we might be able to better understand one another in a world where people are often driven by fear and misunderstanding. I am looking forward to visiting this exhibit, as well as seeing others around the world.

Grayson Perry, CH CBE RA is a British artist, known for his ceramic vases and cross-dressing. He studied at the Chelsea School of Art and the Royal College of Art in London, graduating in 1984. Since then he has become a leading figure in contemporary ceramics in the UK and his work features regularly in galleries and museums across the country. His work combines autobiography with social commentary and has led to him being described as “the leading ceramic artist in Britain” by The Guardian newspaper.

Travelling around the world, he has made artworks in India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, France, Holland, Germany and America. Grayson Perry was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2003 and won it in 2005. In 2007 he made The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever! at the Saatchi Gallery and was voted Artist of the Year at the 2008 British Arts Awards. Also in 2008 he was awarded a CBE for services to art. In 2010 Grayson Perry won the National Art Collections Fund’s Kenneth Clark Award for his outstanding achievements as an artist.


We’ve put together a list of where you can see Grayson’s work, both on display right now or soon

“I don’t really know what I’m doing as a man,” Perry says. “All I have is a collection of clothes that I have collected over the years, and they don’t look great on me. I am not even sure if it’s because of my body shape or the fact that they are designed for men. Maybe it’s a bit of both.”

He was wearing a pair of high-waisted green trousers, which he said he had bought for £800 ($1,100) at the high-end Savile Row tailor Ozwald Boateng. “They never fit me in all the years I’ve owned them,” he said. But seeing as how he wanted to make a point about how uncomfortable he was with being a man, he kept them on. This is how far he will go: He posed for photographs – but only from behind.*”


His work aims to make the viewer think about how gender is constructed from the moment we are born. As a man, Perry made a hobby of dressing up as a woman and has visited drag clubs for inspiration. He says in his artist’s statement that he does not see himself as either a man or a woman but as both at once.

Perry was inspired by his own childhood experiences growing up in Essex where he says he was bullied and regularly beaten up, often for wearing women’s clothes. He believes this led to an obsession with masculinity, which then informs his art.

Perry is known for his ceramic figures, working under the name of ‘Grayson Perry’ and also ‘Claire’. He is best known for his cross-dressing, which he portrays in many of his pieces. These figures are mostly male and female, but sometimes neither and display exaggerated versions of typical gender stereotypes.

Perry’s cartoon drawings have appeared regularly in several British newspapers including The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and The Independent. They are often drawn in black ink on a white background. His drawings have also appeared on television programmes such as Have I Got News For You and Question Time. A selection of these cartoons was published in 2009 as the book Grayson Perry: Cartoon Play

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