Vintage Wall Art: 13 Things You Should Know

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Vintage wall art is a great way to spice up your living space without breaking the bank. Wall art from older times has been making a comeback in recent years with vintage stores, vintage furniture and vintage jewellery all making their way into the mainstream once again.

What vintage wall art is

Vintage wall art is a vintage reproduction. Reproductions often carry a vintage look that gives them a vintage feeling. The vintage look may mean the vintage reproductions come with vintage figures, vintage colors, vintage text, and vintage symbols.

The vintage design is characterized by its unique patterns and colors which are often richly detailed.

This vintage look was originally found on fabrics for things like clothing, furniture upholstery, or even wallpaper; but now it’s also available as vintage wall art to adorn your home. The vintage wall art will bring an old-world feel to any room you choose to put it in!

Why vintage wall art is popular

Many people prefer vintage wall art because vintage wall art can be personalized and has the ability to bring the past into the present in a way that no other artwork can. People also love vintage wall art because vintage wall art is anything but ordinary and provides a fun twist on your average wall decor.

How to incorporate vintage wall art into your home

It can take time to find vintage wall art that reflects your style. It’s worth the effort, though, because vintage pieces are often more affordable than other styles. The vintage look also allows you to stand out in a sea of identical photos and frames.

Here are some tips for where to start when looking for vintage wall art:

Begin with furniture pieces that are key in your space. Look at bookshelves, end tables, or even seating pieces. If you have a sofa that has vintage qualities but is not marked as vintage then you want to ask yourself whether it works well with the overall vintage look in the room.

If you already have vintage accents in your home, keep in mind they will need complementing by vintage art. If vintage is not your style, don’t try to make it work because your vintage pieces will stand out like a sore thumb and you’ll end up having to change them.

If vintage isn’t really working for you or you can’t find vintage accents that fit with your home, then consider:

Finding vintage wall art that reflects your style and that works with the rest of the room isn’t always easy, but vintage pieces are unique and your home will be original.

Types of vintage wall art

You can find a range of different vintage wall art pieces, including vintage maps, vintage advertisements and vintage posters. You can also find vintage replicas or reproductions of old paintings from famous artists, such as the Dutch Masters. Some vintage reproductions are even made to look old with designs from the 1800s and vintage text.

How vintage wall art is made

Vintage wall art can be made by hand, on a vintage contraption or using vintage materials. Vulcanized fibreglass, also called spray foam insulation, may be used as vintage wall art as well. You can find vintage wall art that may have been made with vintage wood, vintage metal, vintage iron, vintage paint and more.

How many types of vintage wall art are there?

There are hundreds of different types of vintage reproductions to choose from when you want vintage wall art for your home. You can find vintage wall art pieces for any specific vintage style, vintage period or vintage topic you are interested in. Some major types of vintage wall art include vintage maps, vintage advertisements, vintage posters and vintage paintings from famous artists.

How vintage wall art looks like

The vintage look of a vintage reproduction may make it look rustic, antique and distressed. Frequently, vintage reproductions have aged features such as spots and mildew stains to make vintage wall art pieces look vintage. Vintage wall art may also come with vintage text and vintage symbols to make them look old.

What vintage paints look like

Vintage colors of vintage paint used in vintage wall art pieces may have a washed-out vintage look to them, but vintage paints do not have to look vintage. You can buy vintage paint in modern colors as well or vintage paint that does not have a vintage color at all.

Too many options

Many vintage home decor stores offer vintage wall décor, but the selection is often overwhelming. You have so many options to choose from with vintage wall décor! Framed vintage posters, vintage travel prints, vintage advertisements… the list goes on and on. It can be hard to choose just one vintage wall art option, but it will definitely be worth it when your vintage bedroom is complete!

Tips for finding the best vintage wall art for your home

When vintage wall art has been around for a while, it’s usually available for an affordable price and is in high demand at vintage stores. You can also find vintage wall art in vintage auctions and vintage online shops. An excellent way to find vintage wall art is to do an online search.

Where should vintage wall art be placed?

The vintage wall art you choose should fit in with your overall home decor. Vintage wall art can enhance or detract from the interior design of a room, depending on where it is placed.

In addition, vintage wall art should reflect your personality and tastes.

If vintage wall art enhances your home decor, then it is the perfect vintage wall art for you.

The vintage wall art that you choose should be placed in a room where the light will not reflect off of it. If vintage wall art reflects too much light, then your vintage wall art could fade or warp over time. Placing vintage wall art that reflects light in darker rooms helps protect vintage wall art from sun damage. Also, vintage wall art that is placed near a window should be covered with a curtain or shade in order to provide extra protection from the sun’s rays. Even though vintage wall art can last for many years, it does not stand up well to strong sunlight.

Upholstered vintage wall art requires special treatment. Fabric vintage wall art should be allowed to dry thoroughly before it is cleaned. Always use the upholstery option when cleaning vintage wall art in order to prevent damage.

Do not hesitate to ask for help from a vintage store salesperson or a vintage online shop seller if you have any questions about finding vintage wall art that fits your needs.

Where to find Vintage Wall Arts

You can find vintage wall art in many places, including antique shops and flea markets, ebay or craigslist listings. You can also find vintage wall art in several online vintage shops.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to start looking for vintage wall décor that fits into your style! Whether you are looking for vintage art to decorate a bedroom or vintage wall décor for your kitchen, vintage wall décor is the way to go. Decorating with vintage wall décor will add that special touch that you have been looking for in your home!

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