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Dot art is about using dots to create pictures and patterns. Dots are applied in lines, dots are created with stencils, dots are randomly placed and clusters of dots arranged in certain ways. There are some dot artists who use only colored dots and some who use only black or white. There are some artists who use both colors and black and white.

In this form of art, the artist must rely on the viewer to complete the picture by connecting the dots. The dot art artist creates dot images that may be a part of a larger piece or may be a stand-alone piece.

Titled “Dot Art Trend” because it is the latest trend in graphic art; dot art has been around for centuries but not until now has it been popularized by social media sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr.**

The dot art trend is based on the notion that there are several dots, which, when put together in different configurations, create very interesting and original pieces of artwork.

The dot art trend is a combination of geometrical shapes and colors. It is done using a computer program that changes the dots’ position, shape, and size. The program gives the artist total control over his work of art.

As the trend started around 2007, it became an instant hit among many people. Those who did not have a computer at home could get one in order to join in on this new dot art trend. They were also eager to share their work with other artists via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Contemporary artists are joining the dot art trend as well; they use the dot art form to create 3-D works that are displayed in galleries around the world. The dot art trend will be around for some time to come due to its popularity with many people today.*

Art is a great thing to decorate your house. You can use some wall art to make your counter looks very elegant. But sometimes it’s not enough to just have one thing on your wall, so you need some inspirations for what to add.

A good way to get inspiration is to look at the latest trend in art, and the dot art seems to be a very good choice.

Dot art works with dots of different sizes and colors, which are applied in various formations. The artists try adding some kind of hidden meaning into the pictures, which can be seen when you look at them from above.

You can also give your wall an amazing but simple look by using only dots and a minimum of colors.

Dot Art has already made a mark in the art world. The trend has caught the attention of artists and art collectors alike, but what is it exactly?

Dot Art is a style of art that involves the use of dots to create images in a variety of mediums. The style is also referred to as ‘pointillism’ or ‘pixilation.’

The style was pioneered by French Impressionist painter Georges Seurat, who pioneered the concept in the late 19th century.

In the past few years, dot art has been catching on. The ideas are simple and appealing, but they can also be manipulated in a variety of ways to make attractive compositions. The dots can be colored or black and white. They can be scattered randomly or placed to create specific patterns. If you want to make your own dot art, try some of our tips for creating great dot art.


Dot Art Dot Art Dot Art Dot Art Dot Art Dot Art Dot Art Dot Art Dot Art… its everywhere. You can see dot art in architecture, fashion , tattoo, interior design and even in food. Not everyone can create such a beautiful design with dots but the important thing is to have an open mind and creativity to make something new.

Tattoo designs are created with dots as well as patterns, it’s a trend now since last few years and people love to get their body decorated with dot art. They are very beautiful and colorful; they look like mandala, like a part of nature or universe. The most popular colors used for dotting are red, black and blue. The reason is that these colors are simple and easy to draw with many dots at once.

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