Top 5 Best Features in The New iPhone6

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The new iPhone6 was released on the 19th of September, 2014 and is the most recent addition to the Apple family. The phone boasts some very interesting features that are bound to have you and all your friends drooling over it.

There are many things to look out for in this phone that have been rumoured for years and now they’re finally here.

Top 5 Best Features in The New iPhone6:

1. The A8 Chip

The A8 chip is a dual-core processor, which has a 64-bit architecture. This is a significant improvement over the previous chip in that it can use its resources more efficiently. This helps the phone run faster while using less battery power. The processor is also designed to be more powerful, with each core being able to handle multiple tasks at once. This makes it ideal for multi-tasking and playing high-quality games.

2. The Improved Camera

The camera only supports 8 megapixels as opposed to the 10 megapixels on the iPhone5S, but this doesn’t make much of a difference since pictures taken by the camera are actually better than those taken by the 5S. It features optical image stabilization, which prevents blurry pictures from being taken when there’s too much movement involved or

It is the time to make your own iPhone6, but what are you going to be? There are hundreds of mobile phones on the market and it is so hard to choose. However, you can look at what are the top 5 best features in the new iPhone6.

In today’s world almost everyone needs a phone. We live in a fast-paced world and we need to contact with others at any time. As most of people know, there are many brands of mobile phones on the market, such as Nokia, Samsung or Apple.

A lot of people think that Apple’s iPhone 6 is one of the most popular mobiles in this 2015 year. In fact, there are some great new features that only come with new iPhone6:

1) The first one is A8 chip which is designed by Apple itself. It has a CPU which means it is able to work faster than its older brother A7 in iPhone 5S. 

2) The second one is TouchID fingerprint scanner used for unlocking your phone or make payments with Apple Pay.

3) The third one is more energy efficient display that allows it to offer 50% longer battery life than its old model.

4) The fourth one comes with 120 fps video recording ability that can

The new iphone6 is out. The new features are amazing. There are two things that stand out, they are the camera and the finger print sensor. With the camera you can take, edit, and share photos instantly all from your iPhone6. You can also take panoramic pictures with this new iPhone6. We have made a list of top 5 best features in the iPhone 6.

The finger print sensor is one of the best things about the new IPhone6. The finger print sensor makes everything you do on your phone more secure. The finger print sensor will make sure no one else can access your phone without permission. It’s very simple to use or set up. When setting it up you just put your finger in and follow the instructions step by step and you’re done!

The other really cool feature is the quick charge option for charging your phone. The charger plugs into your computer which means you don’t have to waste all day charging it at home when you’re at work or anywhere else that has a computer port! This is a great feature so that you don’t have to wait so much time to charge it!

The new Iphone6 also comes with a better screen resolution making everything look clearer than ever before! This is probably

The iPhone6 is equipped with the best features in the world. It has a larger display but still fits in your hand. If you are looking for the top 5 best features, here they are:

The New A8 Chip

The A8 chip is designed to deliver console-level gaming performance and graphics while offering greater performance and battery life than its predecessor. The design of this chip was inspired by the idea that games should be as realistic as possible to fully immerse the user into their gaming experience.

This new graphic processing unit dramatically improves CPU and graphics performance over its predecessor by providing a 30% faster CPU and 50% faster graphics. Furthermore, with an integrated motion coprocessor, you can now easily track fitness activities and accurately measure your heart rate by simply placing your finger on the home button or by using a separate device.

The iOS8

All of your information will be available at the touch of your fingertips thanks to the operating system. You can access the App Store, iBookstore, iTunes Store, Newsstand, iCloud Drive and other features from one central location on your home screen. This allows you to organize all of your apps in folders within easy reach on any page of your home screen. In addition, if you need to switch

* Let’s have a look at the top 5 best features in the iPhone 6:

The iPhone 6 has massive potential just like the other models, however they have improved on the flaws of the prior models and added in a few new features. The look is much sleeker than the previous models and it is a huge step up from the prior versions. If you are looking to upgrade or get a new phone, look into the iPhone 6 because it is better than ever.

It has many new features added to it. I would say it has 5 new features that nobody could have imagined before. These are things that we all need in our life and will make things much more convenient for us. These are:

The first feature that I want to mention about the iPhone 6 is that it has an amazing camera. It has an 8 mega pixel camera that can take pictures that are so clear you think you were there. It has a huge memory which means I can put up to 128 GB of music on my phone which makes me really happy because I love music. It also has a flash for when your in low light areas which is great because it makes your pictures look so clear and crisp in low lighting conditions. The next feature I want to mention about this amazing phone is that it has a much faster processor than most phones out there. This means when I am

Lets look at the top 5 features of iPhone6:

1. iPhone 6 plus is bigger than previous iPhones. The screen measures 5.5 inches diagonally, a full inch larger than the display on the iPhone 5S.

The screen has been increased by pushing out the borders. The bezels have been shrunk to give you more screen and less space around it. The screen has also been increased in height which means that there is more room for notifications, read articles and more on your device.

2. iPhone 6 Plus has more vibrant retina HD display with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution at 401 ppi, a huge increase from current iphone 5s’s 1136 x 640 pixels resolution at 326 ppi. This means that even though the screens are larger, they will be sharper with better graphics, videos and text.

3. The new A8 chip processor of iPhone 6 Plus helps to power a camera with optical image stabilisation to take super sharp photos and video recording capabilities in 4K Ultra HD video quality.

4. It is now easier to take self-timer photos or selfies because of the new burst mode feature “burst selfies” which allows you to take multiple shots by holding down the shutter button on your device; this helps

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