Top 10 Sculptors and their Work. A blog around the art of sculpting and various modern artists that have inspired people throughout history.

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The word sculpture is derived from the Greek words skulptos, which means carved work, and skulptor, which means to carve. In many ancient cultures, sculptures were primarily religious in function. Sculptures have been discovered in various archaeological sites around the world. Of all sculptures ever created, only a few have survived to the present day.

In her article “Top 10 Sculptors and their Works,” Karen Colston writes that there are many different types of sculpture: stonecutters’ sculpture, woodcarvers’ sculpture, industrial sculptures, architectural sculptures, glass sculptures, metal sculptures and modern-day sculpting. Sculptures have been made by various cultures throughout history. The Egyptians were among the first people who used stone to create their sculptures. Ancient Chinese sculptures are noted for their naturalism. Many famous American sculptors were inspired by African art forms to create their artworks.

Taj Mahal Photo credit: Aziz Nasirzadeh

Here’s a list of some famous contemporary artists and their works:

01) Jeff Koons – Balloon Dog (1994)

02) Auguste Rodin – The Thinker (1864)

03) Damien Hirst – The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living

Top 10 Sculptors and Their Work.

1. Michelangelo

2. Auguste Rodin

3. Bernini

4. David

5. Henry Moore

6. Leonardo da Vinci

7. Constantin Brâncuși

8. Donatello

9. Rodin

10. Alberto Giacometti

Sculpture was born in antiquity, it was reborn during the Renaissance and is still very much alive today. Sculpting has been over time, one of the most important and impressive forms of art. The sculptures that have been produced throughout history are very diverse in style, theme, materials and techniques.

The top ten sculptors of all time are:

10. Henry Moore

9. Auguste Rodin

8. Pablo Picasso

7. David d’Angers

6. Donatello

5. Michelangelo

4. Gian Lorenzo Bernini

3. Praxiteles

2. Phidias

1. Leonardo Da Vinci

In the beginning of sculpture work, men were just carving figures and images out of rocks. As time passed, they started shaping them into more complex figures. The sculptor would then be able to depict human feelings and emotions in his art. Sculptures are now used to represent authority and power, or even to promote a specific product.

Style is also an important factor in sculptures. Many types of sculptures have emerged over the years. Some may be massive or huge in size compared to other smaller ones. One style that has remained throughout history is realism. This style has been around for hundreds of years, and it continues on today as one of the most popular styles in sculpting. There are many different types of realism works ranging from portraits to full body figures.

During the early 20th century, there was a shift away from realism toward impressionism which involved artists using their imagination rather than trying to create realistic works. This style made a return in 1984 when two sculptors were commissioned to make sculptures for the World’s Fair in New Orleans. The two men used a combination of impressionism and realism in their sculptures by blending modern technology with traditional methods and materials such as bronze, wood and marble.

I am Todd White. I am a sculptor and an artist. My work has been described as “organic, flowing and almost musical in nature”. I am passionate about learning and creating art that is emotionally evocative and communicative. In my sculptures I strive to breathe life into the forms and materials used. My intent is not to create something that is merely beautiful but to also create something that is spiritually profound, engaging the viewer’s soul on many levels.

So, if you are interested in learning more about me or my art please contact me for information about upcoming events or new pieces. If you are interested in purchasing one of my works please visit the ‘Sale’ page for details on the price range of each sculpture. Thank you for your interest!*

Todd White is a contemporary American artist born in 1957. He is known for his work with ceramics, his sculptures are made of clay and he creates figures with a comic feel. There is a humorous side to his works that makes them stand out from other artists.

Many other artists before him have used ceramics as the medium for their artwork, however Todd White has taken it to a new level and has managed to make himself stand out from the crowd.

He is most famous for his comic-like figurines that are made of clay, these little sculptures have become very popular and have been bought by many art lovers in America as well as Japan.

My favourite of all his work is called “the happy family” which is a set of four figurines depicting a family sitting down to dinner on a table, this piece of art gives me the feeling that it was created with care and that White must have put a lot of effort into sculpting each character in the sculpture.

Sculptures are a visual art form that can be three-dimensional or representational. Sculptures are made from a variety of materials. The most common used materials are clay, metal, glass and stone. Sculptures can be realistic or abstract. Sculptures can be painted or left natural in color.

The word “sculpture” comes from the French word “to sculpt”, which means to shape by carving. The word sculpture is used to describe the art form as well as the artists who create their work. Sculpture is one of the major forms of 2-D and 3-D art known today. There are many different styles and types of sculptures, each having a unique meaning behind it.

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