Tips to paint this artistic piece in your house

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Rangoli or Kolam is an Indian form of art which is used in Hindu homes and temples. The word ‘Rangoli’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Rang’ meaning ‘color’.

It is a beautiful art which has been practiced by women folk in India since ages as a part of their daily house hold chores.

In this article I am going to make rangoli with pen to show you how to do it easily but it will take time for you to make it perfectly but time and practice will pay off trust me.

Hi all, I am back again with amazing rangoli making video. In this video, I will teach you how to make Rangoli/rangoli art with help of pen.

To make these art designs, you need to have lots of patience and time.

I made this design by using only markers pens to draw it. You can use any color of marker pen as per your wish.

If you want to paint your house then this is best idea for you. It looks awesome when you do it with different color combination on your house wall or floor.

You can even gift it to your loved ones as a nice surprise .

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Hi all, today I am here with the best rangoli art designs for you. We can paint this art with the pen or marker for our home decoration. This is very easy to draw and we can make it in a short time.

This rangoli looks like a simple figure but it is not easy to paint. Some patterns are complex and we want to make these patterns on our floor. It also needs good concentration while painting because some lines should be connected as well as some dots should be joined otherwise it will not look good.

I think this art is used in Hindu festivals that are celebrated in India. The most popular festival is Diwali which is celebrated in October month. This festival is celebrated on the day when people light diyas. Diyas are made of clay and they are totally hand made. They are also painted by hands so that every diya will be different from another diya. There are many rangoli designs which we can paint on the floor or on the wall of our house in this Diwali festival like peacock, sun, moon, flower etc.

In India there are many artists who draw rangoli designs for home decoration during this season of festival so if you want to make your home beautiful then you can take

Rangoli is an Indian art form, which makes use of simple materials like rice flour, kumkum and saffron. Though it looks very simple to do, but it demands a lot of concentration and precision. Rangoli designs are created with the help of a rangoli pen.


Prepare the ground for rangoli by spreading a layer of dry rice grains on the floor.All you need is a small bag of rice flour or some rice powder. Take out enough for the design you want to create, and keep the rest in a container for later. In addition to these things you will need water and a bowl with a teaspoon full of water in it. Using this spoon, take out some rice powder from the bag and sprinkle it on your chosen surface. Use your fingers to spread the powder evenly all over that area. Wait for 30 minutes until the powder dries out completely.

Now take your rangoli pen and draw lines all over your floor with it as per your design. You can make any pattern you like or even just write words with it.

It is important that you make sure every line you draw is thick enough so that when you fill them up with color they do not get erased or smudged

Rangoli is a beautiful art form, that is used to create a design using different materials such as rice powder, colored sand, flowers and flower petals. Rangolis are drawn on the floor of houses and temples in India for different occasions.

Till now we have seen rangoli designs in pictures. But now we want to learn how to make rangoli at home? We can do it with the help of some useful tips which are given here:

Materials required:

Coconut stick – 1

Pen – 3 (different colors)

Rice powder – 1/2 cup

Steps to follow:

Draw a rangoli design on the floor of your home or any other place you want to draw it.

It is better if you use newspaper to draw your rangoli design. If you don’t have newspaper then you can use any other paper. Now take your coconut stick and color all the three pen’s ink on the coconut stick. Take the first pen and start drawing lines on your rangoli design. The lines should be thick enough so that when you apply rice powder on them, they turn into solid lines. We suggest that you take one line at a time and apply rice powder over it before moving ahead with another line.

A rangoli is a beautiful traditional Indian art that needs the perfect blend of creativity and patience. To create a perfect rangoli, you need to take into account various factors like the intricate patterns, the choice of colors, their proper combination with one another and how good your drawing skills are.

If you want to try your hand at rangoli, then check out the complete guide given below.

Rangoli is a common Indian art form used to adorn the floor with intricate designs and patterns. The art of rangoli making is quite popular in India and has been practiced for centuries. Rangoli can be made on any floor surface, but it is mostly drawn on the floors of houses and temples in India.

Rangoli can be made using different art materials like coloured rice, sand, flowers, dried leaves, flour, colored sindoor etc. depending on the occasion. Rangolis are typically made by women during festivals like Diwali or on auspicious occasions like weddings in India.

The word “rangoli” literally means a line or border and is derived from Sanskrit word rangavalli or kolam which means a line or border. Rangolis have become a common sight today during festive seasons.

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