This Isn’t A Paintbrush. It’s Real Art. Scroll down for more information about our work.

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You are currently viewing This Isn’t A Paintbrush. It’s Real Art. Scroll down for more information about our work.

Animal crossing is one of those games that is just so unique and fun. I have played many of them and have never seen a game like this. It is a very interesting game for many reasons, but the most interesting thing about it, in my opinion, is how it portrays art in an everyday environment.

Drawing as you walk!?!?!?

That’s right, you can draw something on your DS while walking around your town. It’s not just to entertain you while going on walks either. You can also use it to make money! It’s just one more thing that makes this game awesome!

If you want to know more about the game, go down here and scroll to where I say more information about our work.

These images are all available to purchase as high quality art prints.

The images are constructed with real animal fur, leaves and flowers.

They are then photographed and printed via a professional process to achieve a life like effect. The colours have been carefully selected to replicate the originals as accurately as possible.

Each piece is unique and hand-crafted by us here in the UK using only the highest quality materials.

For more detailed information please see our frequently asked questions.

We accept Paypal as a safe, secure payment method for your order.*

*Orders outside of the UK should select “Friends and Family” at checkout to avoid Paypal transaction fees.

Hey, Mario! You’ve been invited to a party. It’s time to start painting the town red — and gold, and pink, and yellow…

Artist Nelson Saiers just released a new collection of his paintings from his “Animal Crossing” series. These vibrant paintings are perfect for adding some Animal Crossing nostalgia to your walls.

You can find them all in the Etsy shop NelsonSaiersArt, as well as prints of Nelson‘s other Animal Crossing paintings. Be sure to check out his other stuff while you’re there!

Good luck at the art show! We hope you love your new artwork.

“If we are to begin a new life, let us begin it well.”

~Albert Einstein~

Art is the personal expression of an artist or group of artists whose work is visually or conceptually based in such a way that it attempts to invoke an emotional response and affect the viewer in some way. There are many types of art, but they all share the same goal: to evoke emotion.

Animal Crossing: Wild World on Nintendo DS has done just this. The idea that Nintendo can bring art into homes and have it be so accessible is revolutionary. Although Animal Crossing has been known as a “casual” game, the amount of time that fans have poured into their towns and the amount of interest they have put into it prove otherwise. Animal Crossing fans are dedicated and obsessive about their virtual villages, and they express themselves through clothing and interiors. I believe that Animal Crossing fans create some of the best real art available today. Artwork created by Animal Crossing fans shows how much attention to detail is put into every aspect of their towns, and how much love goes into each piece of artwork created. Those who play Animal Crossing do not simply complete it, then throw away their game; rather, they continue to add detail to their towns for years after completion because each

The idea for Animal Crossing originally came from a visit to the Nintendo World Store in New York City. There, I saw a sign that said, “Now Hiring Artists and Writers.” I thought, “That’s interesting. I wonder what they would have me do?”

The very next day, I tried out for the job. When you go to the Nintendo World Store now, you will see a painting I made for them!

Since then, I’ve been making drawings of animals and writing short stories about them. You will see my work both here and at .

I also make things like calendars, mugs and T-shirts with my art on them! You can even get an Animal Crossing video game with my art on it! And if you’d like to buy some of my art, or read my stories on your computer screen or phone, please visit the Animal Crossing website! Thank you!

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