The Ultimate Guide To The Best Art Deco Homes, Hotels and Buildings

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Being an art deco architecture aficionado, I am often asked to recommend my “favorite” homes, and I usually have to decline because I don’t have one.

I tend to like the smaller buildings (homes, stores and restaurants) more than the large (office buildings), as they have more character and seem more human-scaled. Much of the time they are also cared for by the owners, who are often older people who lived there when it was built. Many of these buildings are not in that great a shape, compared to what you see in fancy magazines like Architectural Digest, but they are solid and well-built, and that’s what matters to me.

Art Deco Builders

There is a website called that seems to be completely dedicated to art deco architecture, mostly from the 1930s.

I think everyone would enjoy looking at this website and seeing how beautiful these old buildings are.

Here is a link:

Art Deco is a design style that emerged in the 1920s and continued until the 1940s. The style is characterized by geometric shapes, especially rectangles and circles, in combination with stylized floral patterns. It was inspired by the new forms of mass production, as well as the popular cultures of various regions it encompassed.

Travelling in France, Africa and South America opened up new possibilities for art deco to develop. Asian influences were also part of this eclectic style. Many architects embraced the opportunities art deco offered, experimenting with other materials including ceramics and textiles.

Art deco buildings are popular tourist attractions today because they have a unique beauty that appeals to many people. In fact, you can find an impressive number of great art deco buildings even in small towns all around the world.

Art deco architecture became famous around the world because it has so many unique elements that make it stand out from others and make it popular even today.

What is Art-Deco Style?

Art Deco style is a streamline all-organic designs. The term Art Deco was coined by the French in 1925 as “Art Moderne”. It was popular from 1920’s to 1940’s. Cool, grandiose and sometimes even flamboyant, the Art-Deco style flourished in Europe and the U.S. The Modernist movement was inspired by it and the architectural style became extremely popular worldwide. The Art Deco design was based on technology and machine age where everything had to be functional and simple.

Art deco was originally used as an interior design then it moved to exterior of buildings in the 1920’s as well. Art Deco style architecture is characterized by sharp edges and geometric forms. It uses new technologies such as concrete, glass blocks, aluminum, stainless steel which are usually combined with traditional building materials like stone, limestone or marble. The buildings were often decorated with glazed tiles or mosaics and metalwork fittings. It also made use of rayon or other new man-made fabrics.

Art deco building exteriors have a lot of metalwork fittings like vertical windows and doors, vertical rails, grills etc., which symbolized energy and power of machines.

Art deco architecture is a design style that originated in the 1920’s and 1930’s, in the time when America was celebrating its new found wealth. Art deco buildings were made of glass and concrete, they were bright and colorful and they used a lot of geometric shapes.

Art deco became one of the most popular styles of that period and inspired many people including artists like Salvador Dali and fashion designers like Christian Dior. Art deco is still used today as a design style but has evolved into something else.

Art deco buildings are a distinctive design style from the 1920s and 1930s. Art Deco is an abbreviation for “Art Decoratif”. The buildings are made primarily of stone, marble and concrete. They often feature zigzag shapes and geometric designs.

Art deco buildings are well known for their elaborate ornamentation. This stems from the extravagant spending in the 1920s, which left a desire to economically embellish existing buildings.

Art deco architecture is considered to be among the most beautiful architectural styles of the 20th century. It was popularized in America during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Art deco buildings can be found in major cities all over the world, but especially in New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas.

The streamline moderne architecture or art deco is a modern architectural style that drew its inspiration from the aerodynamic designs of aircraft, ocean liners, and automobiles. The streamline moderne style developed between 1925 and 1945, particularly in the United States.

Art Deco is a style of architecture based on the decorative arts and design that flourished during the 1920s and 1930s. Its popularity spanned the world, with notable examples of Art Deco architecture including landmarks such as New York’s Chrysler Building and Radio City Music Hall.

Towards the end of World War I there was a revolution in industrial design. Fashionable Art Nouveau gave way to functional designs inspired by machines.**

I am always looking for new information on Art Deco and the Art Deco architecture. I have found some great resources and have compiled them here on this site. You will find a variety of topics that may be of interest to you…

Art Deco is a design style that was popular in the United States, Canada, Europe (particularly France and Germany), Australia, and South America. It began in France during the 1920s as a response to the Industrial Revolution, and lasted into the 1940s. The style is often considered to be an eclectic mix of several modernist styles, such as Cubism, Symbolism, Surrealism, and Bauhaus. It also has its own unique design features and characteristics…

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