The Top 10 Oil Pastel Artists of 2015

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The first oil pastel artist was the English painter Thomas Jones, who was born in 1819. Many new mediums were introduced during the 19th century, including photography and photography. Oil pastel painting is one of the most exciting mediums for artists today.

Oil pastel art is a form of expression that combines color and texture in a very unique manner. Here is an infographic on the top 10 oil pastel artists of 2015:

1. John Robert Cozens

2. Degas

3. Monet

4. Gauguin

5. Egon Schiele

6. Klimt

7. Georgia O’Keeffe

8. Renoir

9. William Bouguereau

10. John Singer Sargent

The Top 10 Oil Pastel Artists of 2015

1. Nicholas Wilton

2. James Hillier

3. Kate Orman

4. Nolan Jorgensen

5. Jane Darwell Smith

6. Robert Hunt

7. John Markham

8. Hugh McKean

9. Brenda Frye

10. Sir Winston Churchill

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Oil Pastel Art is popular right now, but who are the top 10 oil pastel artists? This article gives you a list of the top ten artists and a few stats and facts about them.

An article of this nature requires an infographic.

Below, you will find the list of top 10 oil pastel artists of 2015. This list is a bit different than other lists you might have come across online. We have made an effort to include only those artists whose works are original and beautiful. We also considered their contributions to the art world, the number of exhibitions they have participated in and the number of awards won by them. And the best part is that we haven’t picked these artists randomly; instead, we did a thorough research according to our criteria before coming up with this list.

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So, here goes the list of top 10 oil pastel artists of 2015:


Art is a subjective thing. The blog would need to be set up in a way that allows visitors to rate the artists on a scale of 1-10. The information should also include the name of the artist and a link to their website. The top 10 artists can then be listed on a blog or an infographic.

Infographic may not be necessary but could be incorporated into the blog post.

Oil pastels are a type of soft pastel made with oil binders and pigments rather than wax. They are a form of dry pastel and are used like colored pencils, except they are larger and stickier.

Oil pastels were developed in mid-19th century France. They have been manufactured since 1878, when Caran d’Ache began making them in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Oil pastel artists create works with texture and depth. The sticks can be blended together on their own without the use of solvents, but can also be applied to other surfaces such as paper or wood to create paintings that resemble watercolors or gouache paintings.

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