The Top 10 Most Pinterested Home Decor Pieces

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After seeing a lot of cool home decor ideas on Pinterest, we realized that there must be some pieces being pinned over and over again. So we decided to do some research to find the top 10 most pinned home decor pieces.

Trying to narrow down the top 10 most popular home decor pieces was really hard because there are so many different things being pinned every day. We ended up having to come up with a few basic criteria in order to make our list:

1- The piece had to have been pinned at least 50,000 times on Pinterest. This meant that some pieces that were really popular weren’t eligible. We also excluded things like seasonal items (like Christmas trees) or items that are only popular because they are new (like the latest iPhones).

2- The piece had to be something that you could actually buy, not just an idea for something you should make yourself.

3- The piece had to be something found in the home decor category on Pinterest rather than another category (so no fashion accessories or jewelry).

4- To keep it somewhat organized, we limited ourselves to 10 items.

After poring through tons of pins and doing a lot of research, here is what we came up with for our list of the top 10 most popular home

The Boho trend has been a hot style topic for the last year or two, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Pinterest boards are loaded with images of Moroccan rugs, Turkish kilim pillows, colorful metallic artwork and lots of other eclectic items.

We’ve put together a roundup of the top ten most pinned home decor pieces — plus one extra that we just couldn’t resist — so you can get an idea of what people are looking for when they pin Boho-inspired home decor ideas.

The latest reports from Pinterest reveal that the hottest home décor trends in 2016 revolve around high-end, mid-century modern home decor, an aesthetic loosely defined by clean lines and a warm color palette. We’ve rounded up some of the freshest home décor trends of the moment in this post and selected some of our favorite pieces to get the look at home.

If you’re looking to add some high-end, mid-century modern decor to your home, here’s a list of the 10 most pinned pieces this year (with some bonus options for every style and budget!).

Did you know that some of the most popular interior design trends on Pinterest are actually inspired by nature?

Here is a list of our top 10 most popular home decor items, according to Pinterest.

1. Geometric Wall Art

Geometric designs are always a hot trend in home decor and they are no exception when it comes to Pinterest. These pieces have become super trendy with the help of companies like Magformers and Binary Arts, who have been designing geometric toys for years. They can be made with magnetic blocks or wooden blocks and they make a fun decoration for any child’s room. They can also be used as desk decor or even hung up as wall art!

2. Sea Glass Bottles

Another trending home decor item is using sea glass bottles as decorative elements on tables, shelves, and mantles. These bottles come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to store everything from office supplies to jewelry. They make for the perfect accessory for beach lovers or those who appreciate simplistic decor pieces.

3. Faux Marble

Faux marble has been one of the hottest trends in home decor over the last few years and Pinterest has contributed greatly to its popularity. Faux marble not only adds an extra pop of color to your home, but it also gives

What’s hot, what’s not? Is it design or color you’re looking for? Maybe you need more storage in your home. Maybe you want a fresh look for your bedroom. Maybe you’re in the market for the perfect accent piece.

Tired of the same old décor? We’ve got some fresh ideas that will keep your home looking fresh and new. Check out some of our favorite 2013 trends:

1.  Statement Walls

This is an exciting trend with lots of room to play around with different colors and styles! This year, try painting over an existing background in a bold color to add new life to your room without having to do a total overhaul. See how this blogger added a crimson wall above her fireplace mantle to create a focal point in her space. 

2.   Wall Mirrors

Mirrors are great for creating the illusion of more space in any room. This year, try using mirrors as dividers between rooms, or use them to reflect light into dark spaces like hallways or entryways. Try mixing frames and finishes for unique look! Check out this blog for a tutorial on how to install mirrors yourself (no professional required.) 

3.   Decorative Accents

Accents like pillows, lamps, art

Boho wall art is the perfect way to spice up your bachelor pad. This style of art has a bohemian feel and features bold, colorful patterns and geometric designs. Boho art can be hung on a large scale as a focal point in your living room, or on small plates and frames as accents throughout your home. The best part about boho art is that it can be created by anyone.

Pinterest is a website that allows users to collect and share images, which are mainly photographs. It was created in March 2010 and was initially used for personal use by founder Ben Silbermann. It was opened to the public on March 31, 2010. The company has grown steadily since its launch, with more than 4 billion monthly page views as of late 2013.

As of June 2014, Pinterest has 100 million users worldwide. Its audience mainly consists of women and the site is ranked among the top ten most popular websites in a number of countries.

Tania Yuki, who previously worked at Google on web search infrastructure, joined Pinterest as head of operations in 2012, followed by Todd Berger as head of product development in January 2013. In May 2013, Pinterest hired Tim Kendall as its first VP of Engineering.*

Pinterest’s initial beta version launched on July 7, 2010. The site immediately gained popularity among users and over the next six months the number of registered users grew to nearly 10 million before the site crashed from too much traffic. A series of OAuth integrations with Facebook later in 2010 helped Pinterest’s growth continue to rapidly grow;[4] it also caused a spike in repins.[5]

In August 2011, an iPhone app was launched,[6] followed

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