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The Art of Gifting: A blog about the best artistic gifts.

We are a small company in the UK that specialise in hand made gifts, accessories and artwork and we have been in business for over 100 years. We offer unique gifts, accessories and artwork to all of our customers, so if you are looking for birthday or Christmas presents look no further than here. We have a range of products including homeware, jewellery and clothing, so whether you are looking for something special for your home or something beautiful for yourself, you can find it here.

T-shirts come into their own as an original gift when you want to give someone a bit of fun but don’t want to break the bank. Get them a t-shirt with their favourite saying or just something funny from one of our great designs. Clothing has been a brilliant choice for many years now when it comes to giving people the perfect gift.

We hope you enjoy the site and shopping with us is easy and stress free! Be sure to check out our blog for great ideas on what to buy people this Christmas!*

“The Art of Gifting is a blog about the best artistic gifts. It’s one thing to buy a simple glass sculpture or a canvas print, but more often than not, you want to give a gift that will also make the recipient smile. That’s why we feature art from all over the world: paintings, sculptures, crafts and more. We’ve even got drinks, gadgets and toys!”

This blog is about the art of gifting. I’ve been a professional artist for over two decades and have had the pleasure of working with many talented people who are now dear friends. This blog is a place where we can share ideas and inspiration as well as information about events, classes, workshops, and new products.

You’ll also find links to my other sites: where you can find my paintings, prints, and giclee prints. is home to my handmade jewelry and accessories which are available in custom colors or made to order with stones that you provide. Because I can make them to fit the wearer’s requested size, they make great gifts for women AND men!

My Blog: Welcome to the Art of Gifting Blog. I write posts here when time permits and then link them on each page of this site so that you can go back and read them whenever you like! This site will always be evolving so check back often! Enjoy!**

November is National Gifting Month, an occasion that has been celebrated for several years now. It is a time to take the focus off of “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” and instead celebrate all the special people in our life, showing them just how much we care about them through the perfect gift.

I am an artist who loves to create unique pieces of art that are not only beautiful, but inspire and empower the recipient.

I have created mixed media art as gifts for my family and friends for years. I have received so many compliments and questions on where I purchased these one-of-a-kind pieces, so it has encouraged me to start this blog to share with you some unique gifts that you can give your family and friends.

Gift art is a form of short-lived mixed-media art. This type of art is created for the sole purpose of being given as a gift to someone special. It usually takes the form of an object that incorporates elements of a craft with other media such as photography, paint, or digital design. The craft element is often made with materials or colors that reflect the interests and personality of the recipient.

The choice of materials used in crafting gifts is not always limited to those commonly used in a particular medium. A filmmaker might use pieces of wood in creating a film reel, while a painter could incorporate pieces of fabric in their work. Each piece will have its own set of instructions, but there are some general tips that apply to most projects. These include:

* When choosing the gift’s recipients, think about their interests and hobbies before settling on the final item.* If you’re planning on giving more than one gift, try to keep them thematically similar so that they don’t end up looking like mismatched presents.* Choose handmade gifts over store-bought items because they express your creativity and personality more than store-bought items do.* If you’re making a gift for someone who has everything, consider including a note with it describing how you feel about them

The art of gifting is a very important part of Christmas. It is not the only thing that matters, but it helps make Christmas an enjoyable time.

There are people who think the best gifts are made by hand and there are some who think that the best gifts are bought at the mall. Both of these ideas have a lot of truth in them.

The made-by-hand gives you an opportunity to show your creativity, which is fun for you and your gift recipients. The bought gift can be as creative as you make it by adding your own special touch to it. Still, both categories have their limitations.

Toys are often a good choice as they entertain children and remind adults of how they were when they were young. This year some of the most popular toys were Skye, Marvel Super Hero Squad action figures, Zhu Zhu Pets hamster toy and the Nintendo Wii gaming system. All these toys are great for kids and even adults can get a lot out of playing with them; however, you do need to be aware of safety hazards associated with toys, especially those that contain small pieces or batteries that can be easily swallowed or cause choking or cuts if broken or sharp edges if not assembled correctly.

*Skye is an American girl doll marketed by

Hello there ! Welcome to my blog. I am a freelance artist who has been creating art for a number of years now.

I have had the pleasure of creating art for a variety of clients, both small and large businesses, but have found that getting the right piece of art is not always as simple as walking into a store and buying something off the shelf. Thats why i decided to start this blog dedicated to my favorite medium, mixed media.

We tend to think that when we are buying art we are just buying canvas or frames, but there is so much more to it than that. We want to know where the artist got their ideas from, what materials they used and how they finished it off. We want to be involved in the creative process with them and understand why they wanted to create this piece and more importantly why we should buy it!

I hope you find this site useful and please feel free to browse through all the posts, comments and galleries below. If you would like to get in touch with me please send me an email or leave a comment below! Thanks for visiting!**

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