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Hailing from the streets of New York and Puerto Rico, to painting on the streets of Paris, London, Barcelona and Tokyo. Urban artist association has been gaining the respect and admiration of art enthusiasts around the world.

By combining their talents and ideas, Urban Art Association will generate public awareness about the beauty of urban art in a way that will hopefully inspire children and adults to follow their dreams.

As members of this international collaboration, we are aspiring to bring out a new movement in the way we look at urban art by bringing our creative expression to a level where everyone is able to appreciate it.

We’re celebrating the artistry of street artists around the world, and paying homage to their most inspirational works on our walls. We are also raising money for local charities in each city.

We focus on urban art because it is a growing trend not just in our region but around the world. We have already featured over 300 artists from 15 countries and counting on our site.

The money we raise goes to the street artists’ charities of their choice, as well as local children’s charity organizations such as Ronald McDonald House Charities of Houston, Texas, Dallas CASA and The Jack Setterington II Foundation, among others.

Urban art association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of street art, graffiti, and public art. We host events such as painting demonstrations, gallery exhibits, and film festivals in order to educate people about the artistic and historical significance of urban art.

Our mission is to inspire people around the world to appreciate and celebrate urban art. Our vision is for every building in every major city around the world to have at least one work of quality street art on its walls.

The Urban Art Association seeks to discover and promote urban artists around the world. The magic of street art is that it can be created by anyone and is often done anonymously. We all have the ability to create something beautiful, but the real challenge is standing out. We want to help people find their voice in a crowd.

The Urban Art Association’s goal is to promote and support artists whose passion is painting, creating and sharing their work on the streets. Artists are encouraged to submit their works for consideration; however, there are no fees or costs associated with joining our organization or submitting artwork. Through our organization we seek to share talent with the world and provide a platform for recognition of artistic ability and creativity. We want to inspire others to express themselves through art and help others find a way they can make a living while following their dreams.

Blending creativity with business is one of our goals; we want to bring artists together, give them exposure and opportunities most do not have access to, and assist them in building an audience for their work. By doing so we hope to provide a positive outlet for those looking for a different kind of career path outside of the traditional 9-5 job.

**We hope you choose to join UAA! Have Fun!**

The Urban Art Association has been organizing live art events in the streets of Indianapolis since 2011. We believe that painting and sculpture belong in the streets, where people can experience them up close. Our events bring together local and national artists, musicians, poets, vendors and the community to celebrate urban creativity.

The Urban Art Association (UAA) was established in 2011 to organize global events for the benefit of urban artists. The UAA is a non-profit organization based in New York, but it has members all over the world. It’s run by a board of directors and has local chapters in many major cities, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit and Tokyo.

The UAA hosts an annual international art competition with prizes of up to $500,000 per category. A panel of expert judges picks the winners. They also hold competitions in specific categories (landscape, cityscape, portraits, etc.). For these competitions they invite the best known street artists to submit their work. In 2014 they held an exhibition featuring the top 100 works from their 2014 competition, and gave the artists a chance to sell their work in a gallery setting.”

Although urban art has been around for decades, it’s only recently that the art form has become more accepted as legitimate in the art community. It’s not unusual to find graffiti-inspired art in galleries and museums today, partly because graffiti is less of a problem than it used to be. As a result, collectors are more interested in purchasing urban artworks.

Even though urban art is taking off artistically, its cultural roots still remain firmly planted in hip-hop culture. Urban artists often refer to themselves as writers rather than artists because they are inspired by and try to emulate the style of street graffiti writers.

In order to fully appreciate the art form and its origins, you should understand what street graffiti looks like. It is usually written with spray paint on a city-constructed surface such as a wall or a bridge. The graffiti artist uses names and symbols to represent his crew, or lack of one, and the name of his city.**

The name of the artist may be included in the graffiti painting when it’s done on public property. If you visit an urban art gallery or museum, street graffiti may look quite different from what you’re accustomed to seeing on city walls. Urban artists sometimes use acrylics instead of spray paint and add shapes and colors that

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