Sunflower Landscapes

Sunflower Landscapes is a blog about the most beautiful landscapes mixed with sunflowers. My goal is to reach out to all people who love sunflowers and sunflower landscapes, whether they are professional photographers or just passionate amateurs.

Tania Calhoun

Sunflower Landscapes

“Sunflower Landscapes” is a blog about the most beautiful landscapes mixed with sunflowers. It’s also a place to share my art and grow as an artist.

It’s a place where I can share my love of sunflowers and the beauty they bring to any scene.

There are many places in the world where I’ve found that sunflowers and landscapes make wonderful subjects for photos.

I am still learning how to capture these beautiful scenes, but if you visit often, you’ll see improvement in my skills and hopefully gain some insight into what works for me.

You may also see other landscape photographers featured on this site, please feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!

It’s hard to imagine the colors of the rainbow without seeing them, even though no words could ever describe them. They are just something you have to see for yourself.

Some people say that you can’t understand what a place is like by seeing photos of it. We can’t guarantee that you will feel this about our photos, but we believe that when you look at our sunflower landscapes, no matter what colors you see, or don’t see, you will get the feeling of summer heat and the smell of the grass after rain.

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We hope that you enjoy our collection of sunflower landscapes and feel the spirit of summer!

An artist from Los Angeles is taking sunflower photos to the next level.

The artist creates landscapes of sunflowers, and then uses Photoshop to blend them into other photos.

The result is pretty incredible, as the sunflowers appear to pop out of the original picture.

Just a few years ago, the artist began uploading her unique photos to Flickr. Since then, people have been impressed by her eye for design and detail, and have shared her images thousands of times.

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am a freelance photographer who specializes in flower, nature and landscape photography. Over the past 4 years I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world with my camera and have visited some of the most beautiful places on earth.

I’m based in the UK but currently have no permanent home so am therefore able to travel and work at short notice. My number one choice of subject is sunflowers – they are one of my favourite subjects to photograph and I always try to include them in every shoot that I do. However, I don’t just shoot sunflowers, I shoot all subjects (people, places, objects or animals) that interest me.

I never cease to be amazed by the beauty of sunflowers. I have been taking pictures of them for years and the patterns never cease to amaze me. I take hundreds of pictures every year with my Canon 7D and a macro lens. I usually use a tripod and do not crop the pictures. The resulting images are more natural as they are captured in camera, as opposed to being altered in photoshop.

I hope you enjoy viewing these treasures from nature as much as I enjoyed taking them. Please feel free to contact me with any comments or composition suggestions.

As a gardener and art collector, I can tell you that sunflowers make the best subjects for visual art. Sunflowers are large, bright and colorful, with a bold symmetry that makes for interesting compositions. They have numerous points of interest in the petals, leaves and centers. And they have a long history as a subject in art.

What makes sunflowers so great as a subject for art? The symmetrical nature of sunflowers allows artists to create striking visual effects using basic shapes like circles and triangles. A few simple rules of design can be applied to create something that is at the same time beautiful and interesting.

Truly great sunflower art has a story to tell through its composition, colors or details. It’s almost like telling a story through words or pictures.

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