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You might not know that you can use space in your art. Space is the space around you, inside and outside. You can use it to express yourself. It’s a part of art that most people don’t think about, but you can use it to create images and feelings. In this blog I will talk about how you can use space in your art and give some examples of my own work.

(I’m a writer, I have a blog, and I have to write at least one page about it.)

This blog is about how art can help you to express yourself. It’s about how art can be in some ways a more direct way of expressing yourself than writing. And it’s about some things I learned about writing by doing art.

The purpose is to help you allot the space in your artworks. Beginners in drawing and painting often make the mistake of under-using the space and so their artworks turn out smaller than they should be. And that’s what we’ll discuss today – how to use space in your artwork effectively.

Let us suppose we have an artwork on the wall which is 2 meters wide and 2 meters tall. We’ll divide this area into 4 equal parts (1 meter each): upper left corner, upper right corner, lower right corner and lower left corner. If we put a person in this area, it would look like a small creature among the huge walls because it will be squeezed out of the most visible parts of the picture.

And that’s why you need to allot a large amount of space for your main character or object which plays an important role in your artwork. It will look more impressive than if you draw it somewhere near the edge.

The same goes for background elements – if you place trees or mountains in half of the space allotted for them, they will take up less attention than if you draw them all over the picture.

So don’t place objects or people at random places on your artwork – think about where exactly you want to place them because it

We are mostly creatures of space. We move through space, and perceive it and ourselves in it. This blog is about how some artists have imagined or explored space and what this can tell you about yourself.

Space is strange and fundamental to our lives but it’s easy to feel ignorant about it. You’re not a physicist or a rocket scientist, so who are you to talk about space?

But actually there is no such thing as an expert on space. There are experts on particles and fields, on energies, velocities and trajectories. But none of those is space itself. And space itself occurs only in our experience of it, which means that anyone can be an expert in it if they want to try.

Museums can provide a space to think, a space to dream and a space to bring your own dreams alive.

The word “space” comes from the Old English noun “spac”, which means room. Space is more than a concept but rather a physical experience. It is the result of one’s presence in an environment – the more time spent, the more the perception of the space alters in accordance therewith.

Togonon Gallery is located along Ugong Street, Singalong Village, Makati City in Metro Manila Philippines. The gallery specializes in contemporary Philippine artists as well as artworks that are inspired by Philippine culture and its people. Artists who have exhibited their works at Togonon Gallery include: Lino Cayetano, Arturo Luz, Sam Flores, Arturo Luz Jr., Robert Roy de Guzman, Mark Justiniani and many others.

Art is a powerful business communication tool. You can see art in many places in the business world, not just in companies or schools, but also at conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions.

Trying to understand the work of a contemporary artist can be hard, as often we don’t really know how to look at it. But it is really worth trying to find out and to share your thoughts about it with others.

Art can be very helpful for your own personal and professional development. It can help you to become more confident in the way you present yourself, whether that is face-to-face with other people or through the medium of your own artwork.

Art is always open to interpretation and there are many different ways that it can be used. So if you have a question such as “what is art?” then this blog will try to answer all your questions about art by exploring its history and meaning, and looking at current ideas about art.

This blog will also look at some of the ways that different kinds of businesses are using art both as an effective way of communicating their messages and values, and as an important part of their marketing strategies.

One of the most interesting things about art is that it is a visual representation of abstract concepts. The visual representation can either be abstract or representational. In other words, it can either be symbolic or realistic.

There are many ways to express an idea visually, and you should consider using whatever technique works best for you. Some people find that painting or drawing is a good way for them to express an idea visually. Others use photography, movies, or even other media such as sculpture.

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