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Social media art is a way of using social media as a medium for creating art. The term

Currently a lot of artists are playing around with social media. The most visible manifestation is the use of Twitter as a medium for art. A number of Tumblr blogs, like @everyword, @dailydropcap and @dumbstuffinart, also play with the medium in creative ways.

Dumbstuffinart takes social media to a new level, by using Instagram and Tumblr as an art medium.

My blog will be about the same thing but with a slightly different approach. I consider myself more of an artist than a programmer and my writing reflects that. I want to write about how to use social media for creating art, rather than just the end result.

The articles will be aimed mostly at people working on apps or tools used by artists. In that sense it is probably best read from a desktop computer (as opposed to mobile devices) because that is where you need to start thinking about your design choices.”

Social art is a term I use to describe art created using social media. Traditional forms of art include painting, sculpture, and photography (to name a few), but social media art also includes sound and performance art.

This blog is to showcase my work in the field of social art and will include information on what exactly social art is, how it can be used to create new and innovative forms of art, ways you can use it yourself, how it relates to other forms of social media such as Twitter or Facebook, and links to other artists who also work in this medium.

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Social Media Art is a blog by artist and social media expert, Tonia Jenny. She is an artist and photographer as well as an educator and writer.

Her work focuses on how artists can use social media to provide exposure for their art, promote their events and galleries, collaborate with other artists and make connections with patrons.

Tonia has been blogging since 2005 and was one of the first bloggers in her field. Her blogs are noted for their practical advice and illustrative examples. She teaches workshops on social media marketing for artists and cultural organizations throughout the U.S.

Tonia Jenny is also the founder of Social Media Day, which takes place annually on June 30th. Social Media Day is a global event that celebrates all things social media with over 50K participants from over 100 countries. Over 1,800 events are held in association with Social Media Day each year around the world.*

Social Media Day: June 30th 2018!

Celebrate all things social media! No matter what you are doing today, join us in celebrating all things social media on Friday, June 30th 2018! From blogging to podcasting to vlogging… from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr… from Snapchat to WhatsApp & – join us

Social media art is a new genre of art. It was born out of the need to make an emotional impact on viewers through digital means.

It is a growing genre which continues to develop and produce new and exciting results. Since its inception in 2005, social media art has largely been used for marketing campaigns and public relations, but as technology advances, so does the flexibility of social media art.

// Social media art often uses online platforms like Twitter or Facebook to spread ideas or generate responses from viewers. These platforms are very useful for artists because they allow for easy access, especially since everyone uses them every day. Social media art has the potential to positively impact the lives of many people that are involved with it. It can be used as a source of self-expression, improve relationships with others, and even raise awareness about political or social issues.

//Social media is also a great way to create awareness about an upcoming event or fundraiser. For example, if you have an event coming up that you want people to attend you can create hype around it by tweeting and posting updates on Facebook that will let your friends know what the event is, where it’s going to be, and when they can attend. This creates buzz around your cause which makes more people interested and more likely

Social media art is a new form of art, which uses the popular platforms of social media to spread its message. These new forms of art include memes, gifs and pictures.

These kinds of art are becoming more popular because they are easy to share online and the cost to create them is minimal.

The main platforms that social media artists use are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. These sites allow users to post images that can be reposted by other users, reaching out to more people.

The defining features of these types of images are their simplicity and their humor. They have little or no depth in their meaning but this feature appeals to some people who see it as a form of entertainment.

Art is a social act. It isn’t just something done in a studio or gallery or on stage, and it isn’t just art that is presented that way. Every time an artist makes something, they are making it in response to the world around them. Art is a conversation between the artist and the world, a conversation between the audience and the artwork. The work of art itself is only one part of that conversation.

Telling people about art is also a social act, and so is looking at art. Telling people about an artwork or looking at it together changes the conversation by adding more people to it. Sharing an image on Facebook or Twitter can change the nature of that image, and sharing an image online can change how you feel about it when you look at it again later in person.

Whether we want to share our art with the world or keep it private is up to us, but either way, there’s no such thing as non-representational art.*

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