Sculpting Mandalorian Sentries

Mandalorian statues have been made before, and some of them are great. But Mandalorian Sentries isn’t just a business. It’s also a blog, where I’ll be sharing my sculpting work in progress, from start to finish. You can read more about it here:

When I started thinking about how I could bring my years of sculpting experience to bear on the Star Wars universe, I realized there was a niche that needed filling: Mandalorian statues!

I thought about trying to make some myself for a while, but then realized just how many there were already: Mandalorians are one of the most popular subjects for statue collectors, and it seemed like everyone else was already doing it. But what if I could do it better? What if I could make Mandalorian statues that were more detailed and more accurate than the ones that already existed?—

I hope you enjoy reading those essays and others at our blog located at​

Here is what people have said about our book:

“This book is an epic piece of work! Words can barely describe the time & passion that went into creating this masterpiece! It

I have made a few Mandalorian statues and am in the process of sculpting more. I’m also working on a few Mandalorian themed dioramas. I hope to post more pictures of these as they are completed, but until then I thought I would start a blog to share my progress on other pieces.

Mandalorians are one of my favorite Star Wars species, and I love the character Boba Fett in particular. So when I saw the announcement for Mandalorian Sentries, I decided to make my own set. Here we will follow the process of making these four sentries.

I have many ideas for future projects, including a display base for my collection, so stay tuned!

First let me say that I have never sculpted anything before and so this will be a learning experience for both of us. I am going to play by ear and see what happens.

This blog will be taking the form of a diary of my progress as I sculpt these sentries. You should be able to follow along with me and get a feel for what it is like to sculpt your own figures. I hope that after reading about my process you will feel more confident about trying your hand at sculpting your own mini’s or busts.

The first thing to do was decide which sentry I wanted to do first. It was clear from the start that there were two types of sentries: the ones with the red tops and the ones with the green tops. So, the first question was which one did I want to do first?

I had decided that I wanted to do the green ones first but then I felt like it would be more fun if I surprised myself and went with the red first. It is always more fun to be pleasantly surprised than sadly disappointed, right? Right! Here we go.

The next step was getting all of my supplies together so that they were ready when I needed them. This is where it got a bit messy because

This blog will show you how to sculpt a Mandalorian warrior, or at least the helmet that is worn by the Mandalorians in Star Wars.

I started out sculpting this piece for my own collection after seeing the movie, The Clone Wars. I was so impressed with their look I wanted to know how they were created. I started reading some books on the subject and found out there was a lot of information on Mandalorians. It is unclear if they should be called clones or Mandalorians, but they are definitely connected in some way. Within Star Wars lore they are known as clones who have been “taken” by Mandalorians and are now used as their warriors.

Mandalorian armor is made up of many different pieces that fit together to make a very unique look. The helmet is a complete outfit in itself, and to create it properly you need to make many other parts first. The base of this helmet is made up of two pieces that slide together and make one solid unit. The mask has a face plate and the eye piece on it slides back to reveal the “face” of the helmet which also consists of two separate pieces.

Mandalorians are a warrior race and they have many visible symbols of their culture. These symbols include tattoos, armor, helmets, and weapons. I feel that the helmet designs are some of the most interesting.

The Mandalorian helmet is made up of many different plates that have been shaped to fit together. There are four main types of helmets in use by the clans. Each clan has its own style and a special marking on the crest. The first is called a “Skirata” helmet (after it’s creator). This helmet is used by Clan Skirata in all their forces. The helmet is made up of 6 large plates with two smaller ones on top which sit perpendicular to the large plates. There is an upside down T-shaped plate on either side with two more small plates hanging from it that give the helmet a unique look when viewed from above with one hand covering the eyes.”


I have some knowledge of sculpting and molding, the techniques I use are traditional sculpting techniques, I use mainly polymer clays, epoxy resin and fiber glass. In my own work I try to create a combination of traditional sculpting and modern technology.


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