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“Print Screen, Paste & Paint” is a blog that teaches users how to draw images from photos and recreate the same image. It is managed by a group of artists who want to share their knowledge with people who want to learn as well.

Tutorials are created by this team and are uploaded on their blog which can be found at . The blog has been active since 2011 and has a total of 585 posts. This blog does not only focus on learning how to draw from photos, it also teaches its readers how to draw from imagination as well. The tutorials here can help those who want to learn how to draw improve their drawing skills and become better artists.

Instructions and guides are given on each individual tutorial page in order to help users perform the same steps as the artist did when creating the drawing. However, you should use your own creativity in order to make your drawing unique. This is why every tutorial description contains the following message: “Use what you learn here in your own way.”

This blog is like any other tutorial site out there but with one different feature – users can interact with each other through comments posted on tutorials or uploading their own work for other users to see. This way, users have a platform

As a designer, there are times when I want to replicate something I see in the world digitally. To be able to draw and paint like an artist is not only a skill that comes in handy for designers but also, I think, a wonderful hobby.

I’ve been looking for tutorials on how to do this and have found very few (if any). So I decided to make my own blog about my experiments.

The idea is simple: take photos of real objects and then replicate them as closely as possible in Photoshop or Illustrator.

So here it is: Print Screen, Paste & Paint.

This is a tutorial blog on how to draw from photos and replicate your favorite image. I will be posting various art tutorials, a blog about art in general, and news sites that you can use for finding reference images.


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Art Blog:

Drawing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques (Tips on how to improve your drawings)

Panda Drawing (The first drawing I ever posted on my blog) Click here for the link.

You can also find me at deviantART under the username kawaiikitty77<3. I have been on deviantART since 2007. Deviant Art is a community where artists can post their drawings and get feedback from other artist. They have a rating system from 1-10 that allows other users to rate the quality of the artwork. The higher number the better the artwork is rated.      I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to share pictures of your artwork or leave comments letting me know what tutorials you would like me to make!** is a website where anyone can create custom art for their home, office, or business. It's easy as 1-2-3! First, you need to select the image that you would like to transform into artwork. Whether it is from your favorite movie, T.V. show, or even a family photo that you have taken yourself, we will help you create high quality artwork of what you want. Treat yourself with a fancy new piece of art today! Creative things that you can make with an image editor. **"The Cute Art" is a blog where I share tutorials on how to use Adobe Photoshop to create cute and funny digital art. I'm currently a high school senior in Austin, Texas who aspires to be an Art Director or Graphic Designer. I'll post weekly when I have the time.** I've seen many a blog post on how to use the pen tool in Illustrator. I know that it's a great tool for creating vector paths and for refining paths, but let's be honest, it's not fun. When I have time to play around with Illustrator, I want to create images quickly, not spend hours perfecting each path. So I'll show you how to use the pen tool as little as possible in this tutorial and instead focus on getting a finished design with just basic tools and techniques. We'll build up a nice illustration from scratch in Illustrator (CS3) and apply some simple layer styles to bring it to life. This tutorial is written by me and my friend Jennifer Ledet. She will be focusing on the painting portion of this project while I demonstrate how to build up an illustration in Illustrator.* *This tutorial was created using Adobe Illustrator CS3 and Photoshop CS2, but both programs are very similar so you will likely have no trouble translating these steps into your own workflow.*

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