Perhaps, The 1st Ever Online Marketplace for Art

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The Art Kabinett Marketplace is the 1st ever online marketplace for art. It’s a place where collectors, galleries and artists can come together to sell their art online. We’re focused on providing a safe, secure and fair marketplace for everyone involved. You can buy art safely and securely with your credit card here.

TKAB is different from other art marketplaces in that we offer our users many more options to list and sell their artwork. You can choose from our Quicklisting options or create your own custom listing.

We are always looking for new ways to improve and expand our service. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to email us at . Thank you for visiting!

For the first time in history, artists are able to sell their art directly to the public without having to go through an agent or other middlemen. There is a huge number of artists who have yet to discover this opportunity, but over time, I think that will change.

Artists can also now offer their fans affordable prints and original work. Fans love this new direct access to the artist and it benefits both the artist and fan. I think you’ll see more and more artists using online marketplaces.

Artists can also use online marketplaces to sell limited editions of posters or prints created from their original artwork. The best part is that these limited editions are easily accessible to fans worldwide, making your art more accessible than ever before.

There is no longer any excuse for not buying and selling art online. There are more than half a million artists who have web sites, and more than half a million galleries who are on-line.

And yet it’s still very hard to buy and sell online. Even the big auction houses don’t have an on-line presence; you can only buy their art in the flesh, or through their catalogues. ArtDealer, which tried to create an alternative to the big auction houses, has been sold to eBay. And there’s nothing that compares to Etsy or Craigslist for buying and selling original art on-line.

The best resource for finding art online is probably Artsy , which offers a kind of social network for art collectors and dealers. The site features more than 300,000 works and 20,000 artists from more than 1,500 galleries in 70 countries. But when I visited Artsy this week I found myself asking: what am I actually supposed to do here? There are all these objects shown at different sizes and resolutions; how do I know how much they cost? What if I want to try to negotiate a price with a gallery? Do I just email them? Where is the marketplace part of this marketplace?

Maybe that’s because Artsy

“I think I’ve just come across the coolest art project ever”, writes Tim Schneider on his blog, “Perhaps”. The anonymous artist behind the site has been selling drawings on eBay for a few years now, but for the past two months has decided to sell them exclusively online. He also updated his web presence, revealing an array of new drawings and a better-designed site.

“I really like how it looks now,” he says. “It’s simpler and more straightforward.” The decision to sell online only was driven by a desire to keep the number of variables down: no framing, no mailing, no shipping, just pure interaction between artist and collector.

The artist sells his drawings at fixed prices, usually in four categories – three US$10 drawings and one US$20 drawing – with a different theme each month (he has had everything from birds to trees). The site also hosts an archive of all of his work up until now, as well as a ‘blog’ section where he posts quick drawings he made because he was bored or couldn’t get to sleep. He’s only sold about 20 pieces so far this year but there are already collectors asking him if he’ll have a gallery show. He doesn’t have any plans to leave eBay anytime soon though:

Art is one of the most exciting investments you can make. But not every art purchase is a good investment. Which means that, like in any other market, the key to making money with art is to buy carefully.

You want to invest in art that will appreciate over time. It could be an original piece created by a living artist, or a limited edition print of a historic masterpiece. There are many different categories and types of art out there, but some types will perform better as investments than others.

The best way to get started buying and selling art is through an online marketplace for art like Artcash . They have a large selection of pieces categorized by artist, style, quality and medium. And if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, you can use their search tool to find the perfect piece for your collection or home. You can also sell your own pieces directly through their site using the built-in auction tool. And all transactions are handled securely through escrow accounts so that you don’t have to worry about fraud or theft.

The best part is that Artcash handles all the details so you don’t have to! You won’t need to do any research on individual artists or track down potential buyers yourself. They take care of all of

If you see a painting or sculpture in a gallery, the dealer’s explanation will be a sales pitch. But if you buy the work online, you can get the real story. The next time you come across an art work with which you are unfamiliar, search for it online. You are likely to find many more images of it, and much more information about it.


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