Paintings that are Unique

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Art Room is meant to showcase unique, original pieces of art. The paintings are different than any other paintings online. I’ve created a blog that showcases these unique pieces of art in a different way than most other blogs. You can even submit your own piece of art to the art room!

Art Room is a place where you can see the beauty of originality and creativity. The paintings that I post are the only ones on the internet exactly like them. Art Room is meant for anyone who is a fan of the arts and wants to see something new and beautiful.

I am an artist who is looking to have some of my paintings showcased. I have many different styles and themes that i paint. Some are creepy and others are cute, but they are all unique to my gallery. I am looking for someone interested in showcasing my work on their blog or website. The paintings will be listed on a blog and linked back to my website. If you would like more information about me or my work feel free to email me at

My name is James and I am an avid art collector. I have a passion for collecting the most unique paintings in the world. After searching for months I stumbled upon a very talented artist from Japan who creates some of the most original, inspiring work I have ever seen. His name is Satoshi Yoshioka and he is currently running a successful Kickstarter campaign to help fund his current project.

Titled “Unique Paintings,” this project showcases the artist’s masterful ability to create paintings that are truly one of kind. Of course, with any Kickstarter campaign there are rewards that come along with your donation. For example, if you pledge $10 then you will receive a postcard and handwritten thank you note from Satoshi himself! Not only that but you will also be helping an artist receive additional funding so he can continue to create new pieces and inspire others with his work!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from his collection:

ArtRoom is a blog where I post my paintings and people can see my process. I want to make this blog a place where people can come and read, learn and watch me create paintings. It is my hope that this will not only be a place for me to share with the world, but also a place to foster a community of artists and art enthusiasts who can share their thoughts and feedback with each other as well as myself.”

*The paintings are created using a technique called “camera obscura”. This is an old technique, but there is no one who has been able to create paintings like this before.

*What I am trying to do is preserve the uniqueness of each painting. They are all unique. No two paintings are alike. I hope that you enjoy looking at the paintings and can appreciate them as much as I have appreciated creating them over these past years.

*All ideas and views expressed in the blog are my own, unless otherwise noted.**

As a professional artist, I have been painting for more than two decades. I have painted in pen, pencil, oil and watercolor. I am not an illustrator, commercial artist or art teacher. I paint because I love it and hope to make a living at it someday. It’s my passion.

The paintings on this blog are all original works of art that I created in my spare time while working as an IT Technician at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed creating them.”

When I was a kid I loved to draw and paint. My folks had some art books and magazines lying around that showed how the masters painted their realistic paintings. I would stare at these paintings for hours trying to figure out how they did it. I especially liked the ones where the artist painted people and scenes from memory without having any sort of sketch or guide to work from.

There are even painting competitions in which the artist must create a painting of a particular scene using only an old photograph as a reference. This is how Norman Rockwell created his famous Saturday Evening Post cover illustrations. For the artist who is able to do this well, it is like being able to paint a photograph directly onto canvas.

The more I looked at these pictures, the more I thought “I could never do that!” One day when my mom asked me if I wanted to take an art class in school, I told her “no”, because I didn’t think that I had what it took to be an artist. But now that I am older, and have learned more about art and artists, I realize that some of my favorite paintings were done by artists just like me! Not all of them went to art schools or even took art classes in college or high school. Some were not very

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